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  1. Could someone let me know - in a few words - whether or not the Mainland is moving to the CLOUD??? I own a region there and wondering if I am wasting my time holding on to it if it's not moving??
  2. Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region. WHY AM I GETTING THIS MESSAGE. I own the land; everyone who has permissions on the land gets it? It just all of a sudden starting happening today. The land is grouped-owned. PLEASE, I run a business and in the process of designing the region. It is on the Mainland if that helps and again, I OWN IT.
  3. Tsah

    Mainland Restart

    I need a contact number to get a mainland restarted that I own. Also, if I own the whole region, why can't I restart it myself???
  4. Thank you for the information on addons - going to MP now ... thank you all for your information.
  5. I got a home in Sweetmarsh today - It's a house on the corner and up on a hill so it is huge. Not what I truly wanted but also not too far from the water (across the street) I just hope the neighbors don't mind me riding my jet ski in between their homes (safe grounds there lol) to hit the water. However, I have a few questions if anyone knows the answer. I have a traditional house, is there a way to change that theme? I know you can select different homes under traditional but I see some homes in the hood that are not like the traditional homes I am rezzing. Also, if I decide to abandon this home, do I lose the name I gave this land? i- I am also a biker so the road is very much welcomed.
  6. I just got this message and it was on a refresh without me even requesting a home?
  7. Wow I just got taken aback because the person who created this blog spells Bellisseria wrong - Bellessarian or is she correct? What is the true spelling? Bellisserian - Bellissarian? I was wondering the reason why I was not getting any hits... lol
  8. Thank you!!! Now i can continue the struggle to get my houseboat... You're awesome!
  9. How do you reply directly to someone who replied to your post??? lol yes I am learning
  10. Ok, I am at wits end. I was notified through the "Auto Refresh Plus" that a Bellisseria home was available. However, when I went to the "Customize You Home" page, Bellisseria was not listed? I used the dropdown menu and the home was not there in the list. Could someone please tell me what to do after you are notified through Auto Refresh Plus that a Bellisseria home/houseboat is available while on the "Customize You Home" page? It would be greatly appreciated... Thanks ♥
  11. I have my auto-refresh set on 1 minute - earlier it would go 3 pages then block me out - I had to wait 9 mins to get back in - Now, it goes about 6-7 pages of refresh then block me out. However, I can get back in after a minute. So they are getting there.
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