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  1. Hello, The contract is filled, thank you everybody for your answers, very appreciated Let me wish you a very nice day Kindest Regards - Mitsuko Kytori san
  2. Hello, I am looking for a specialist about machinima on Second life, to make a video around 2'30 of time. Subject to the video : wind effect in mesh tree, the first point is to avoid any blur effect to show how the wind movement is smooth and the foliage quality. Visibly that seems a little bit complex '_' We are ready to pay 25Kl$, but we need the final file of the video, of course. Kindest Regards - Mitsuko Kytori san
  3. Hello, Thank you very much for all your answers, finally customer withdrew, I think, the false review. In all cases, reviews have been withdrew. What lesson I retain about this, it is too easy to write a review good or bad, and reviews are too much visible. It is not the case on Turbosquid for example. Merchant can't freeze a review for a period, not good , not fair. But it is true, good products with bad reviews and with fair comments keep a luck to be sale in not so bad way. Let me wish you a nice day, please, Kinds Regards, Mitsuko
  4. Hello, Thank you very much for your answers. To be honest I think Linden Lab will not remove the review, perhaps I am pessimistic, but it is my feel. The true fact on marketplace is the rules have variable geometry, and I think I can integrate this to try to follow the variable geometry. Kinds Regards, Kytori San
  5. I hope, but on marketplace as I can see there are many levels of service, but it is not the subject. The review tells wrong thing, very easy to check, and so I think it is easy to remove them.
  6. Hello Min, I ask two times to the customer to modify or delete the review, with no success, despite I redeliver all products and let her buy a new box and refund her just after, to give her the opportunity to delete or modify on of the review for test. I flag the three reviews and ask to 3D&Dreams Lead Developer to flag the reviews too. I opened a ticket too, because the lie or the mistake is evident, and those reviews tell wrong things. I can't make more for now, just wait to see if the review will be remove by Linden Lab. In fact the buyer targets clearly the three most popular products for now... I have a doubt now I sent that too to the customer, to help her if she doesn't know how make it. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Writing-item-reviews-on-the-Marketplace/ta-p/954941 I am not complain about a bad review because a customer dislikes a product, customer have the right to dislike a product, of course for many reasons, but not for a wrong reason. It is evident that we not sell only shadows ... and in the case we made a mistake before write a review it is fair to ask the creator. In this case we made no mistake and I only check the box with the customer herself after just redeliver them. The box contains exactly what it is describe, and the picture are not "photoshoped" too. Time to wait now Kinds regards, Kytori san
  7. Hello Jordanit0 The big issue for me, is there are entry product with low price to let people discover the line of product and shop in fact. So now I have the three best sales on Marketplace with bad review and with a lie about it. I can't let products as this. So if marketplace support let the review as this, I will just delete products, no choice. that hurt a lot to need destruct good products for a lie. But no choice, Kinds Regards, Kytori san
  8. Yes I follow the nice advice, but I think I will need delete the products if the review stay. I open a ticket to the marketplace support to delete the review, because the review is totally false.
  9. Hello, Thank you a lot for reply, Tristan. The problem there are three products with this bad and false review, the customer herself, tried to change the false review. And now, I have three major products with a bad reviaw, and not the customer and not me can't make anything. It is a big issue for my modest shop. Can I open a ticket to the support to ask delete them, please ? Kinds Regards, Kytori san
  10. Hello, I need help to know how delete bad review about product, please ? A customer wrote bad reviews with absolutely false argument, that the box not contains products. After check and redeliver box via Marketplace, of course box contains exactly what it is describe. The customer tried to change the review, but it is not possible. So how can I make now, please ? Thank in advance for your help, Kinds Regards, Kytori san
  11. Hello everybody, I think there is a very solution, effectively Linden Lab can create a label of quality or a badge, why not, for active merchant with premium account and some check about products, by testing as other 3D merchant place make. After it is just a label to show on merchant profile, so potential customer can be ensure about availability, reliability. I say this because despite that I can read on this topic, price can't ensure anything today. You can find mesh template, for example, in a big range price to 250 l$ to more 10,000 l$. It is a creator choice to find the right price between quantity vs exclusivity. I bought animations in the past for more 20,000, but when I put some of them on a product, I never count the price of animations, for example. I just try to evaluate the right price for customer to stay attractive. Okay, I know per advance it is a bad idea, but perhaps the best way is to close MP ^^ and re open in world shop '_' Kinds Regards Kytori san
  12. Hello Pamela, Thank you very much. I am honored for your precious help, sincerely. This pdf document is very helpful; * thanks to the writer of this explanation * . Let me wish you a wonderful day, please Kinds Regards, Kytori san
  13. Hello Pamela, Thank you very much. I am noob sometime '_' Let me wish you a wonderful day, please Kinds Regards, Kytori san
  14. Hello, I wish know how make an upgrade of a product on Marketplace, please ? Some products had been improve recently and I wish put upgrades on MP without need create a new entries, if it is possible ? I have in mind to just change the delivery box and lightly change text with new prim cost. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestion, Kinds Regards Kytori san
  15. Hello, We search for two activities a reseller or a partner. - First activity Nature object: design of 3D tree, plant and flower : we search people that can make the difference between "tree or flower" in panel and true 3D tree, flower and able to sell it or a partner for sell - Second activity concern avatar : skin, eyes, mesh outfit template : we search people able to promote and sell too Contact : Motoko Oanomochi in first please (French, English), or me if necessary. Thanks you for read, Kinds Regards, Kytori san
  16. I was not speak about the fact number of prims increase or decrease depend of mesh size. Unhappily it is as this in second life. But about the fact you can use many of trees I sell as base to create other or mix many trees in them. So number of prims have no sens compare to classical sculpty tree for example. I have a sculpty tree on 3 prims, for example, with shrub around, it takes 3 without shrub and 9 prims with. I can indicate 3 prims perhaps yes. Your advise is very good. About mesh trees it is really, it is my humble opinion a no sens. One day a customer bought one of them. I had sended him some examples. Trees take less than 10 prims to more than 50 prims in examples. It is why I launch the on prim true tree with this it is clear '_' but for other models it is very hard to announce how they cost. And I am not open marketplace and land shop for money but just to show good nature object comes from my work outside second life. No more. If you know the time, the money spend and all the technology used to import fine tree with a true foliage with true 3D leafs you will "drop" '_' . Mo it is clear I will never win money here. It is not the goal. It is to share something. Naze I sell the trees, it is just to spend to much money with import cost, no more no less.
  17. When buying land in SL, just as in RL, it is the buyers responsiblity to verify any claims made by the seller.. Humm happily that depend of country ...
  18. I let my friend improve keywords. About prims count '_' I can't list the prim because the trees are modify. So the number of prims is variable. Contrary at usual, you can separate elements as branch trunck, foliage , sub trunk, sub foliage. So the number of prims can be start to one and finish to 15000 if you wish ... I hide nothing, it is in the description. Perhaps it is stupid of me to create product tree where the geometry can be alterate but it is my way. It is clear in the description, I can't make more to explain. That's offer opportunity to customer to recreate plenty of derived from the original model I sell ... I think it is an advantages, I can make a mistake but as I repeat it is my way and my professionnal user customer like this outside second life. And I am prood to offer this way here. But as always and I say it sincerely I take all advise with pleasure
  19. I mean gas-oil in example ^^ sorry bad english '_'
  20. Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate sincerely. Sorry, many sorry if I bored anybody here. I don't have in mind it is an old problem. I just though it is a new problem. I understand I have no future here, I launch this small market activities by pleasure no more. Now, I have my culture, and as example in Tokyo, no car use gasoline engine because some hundreds people had the will to change the rules. Finally they won. It is a small group of people in front of big burocratic institute. And sure they had bored many people. But finally hybrid car win ... It is just an example. A think in the almost empty bottle, world now unchanged from ancient times leaves that are words retain seeds in the heart . I will return to my nature design.
  21. I open a topic about delete product by Linden Lab for "spam" reason. I can't help about copybot problem, but I can just say LL can delete product very quickly without explain anything ! So, if they wish delete, they can delete, and in your case perhaps that can help to know that
  22. Hello, I have all right on my products for sure. But this day Linden Lab delete in my marketplace shop all my sculpty eyes for free !! Because ... the eyes make spam !!!
  23. Hello Calamari, Perhaps, I make mistake, but : the link for marketplace is in my secondary picks about the shop. The land is in search too. But, this day Linden Lab delete some of my products in marketplace because the products make ... spam !!! I think the shop is perhaps in "blacklist" ? ...
  24. It is exactly that I try to explin in some topics in this forum. I bring many proofs, and I send it to Linden Lab, with report and screenshot. Of course, no answer. I am absolutly sure regulation marketplace offers a variable visibility function of economic criteria. Some people laught when I write that ... okay, but I am waiting rational explanation when I show here the number of impression. And there data are provide by ... Linden Lab itself. !!!
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