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  1. So I've been trying to figure out why blender 2.79 has its issues for me to upload any rigged mesh into second life. I confirm rotation/size/location and double check all proper export selections are made, however after bringing the .dae file into second life and adding "skin weights" to be show in the window, there's an automatic deformation to it. I do know that I'm using the fitted mesh skeleton, and that once i transfer weights and adjust it properly, they all move correctly, however, It always has the same issue, despite configuring and setting things properly. I've gone through several d
  2. At this current moment in time I'm currently looking for someone to make some mesh style japanese clothing dating back to the traditional days of the samurai. Mostly...copy/mod hakama and haori. I've recently started to learn mesh and picked it up quite well, just having issues with rigging and configuring, so for now, I'd like to just get those. If you have the free time to make them, let me know, I'd love to not only buy a pair of hakama or a haori, but also sponsor it and future mesh related stuff on the sim. Please contact me in-world. Akishiro Naxos +Revenance+ Tales of Kyoto
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