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  1. Thank you jenna. I asked and he said he was talking about a script I was wearing that 'constantly pinging the sim and making it unstable'. I looked for script errors in logged chat but there was only the occasional problem with (prsumably) a resizing script in a tux cuff. Does this sound more plausible?
  2. Thank you for the replies Jenna, I'm a little unclear - is it necessary in that situation for me to have an RLV-enabled viewer and a worn relay? Or does just the person testing/investigating need that?
  3. Someone told me that my ping "was off the chart".- i suspect that they were trying to impress me with their technical know-how. Is it possible to check another avatar's ping? I can't see how. I was DJing at the time - maybe as the land-owner he could check my stream ping? Somehow think not - anybody know?
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