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  1. I've been creating Medieval themed parcels from place to place and have had some fun with it, but I've been thinking of buying a full sim and devoting the entirety of it to just such a thing...a fantasy/medieval adult sim open for everyone's enjoyment. The problem is I'm unsure if there's any demand for such a thing as it would only work out if at least 2/3rds of it would be self-sustaining via donations/tips/rentals There'd be a central castle owned by me, as well as numerous dwellings, and Inn, Tavern, Port with sailable and unsailable ships, marketplace, and quite a few others. I have the inventory to completely deck it out...even have a small scale sample set up on a mainland parcel as an experiment...just need to see if there's be enough interest to actually do it. Overall it'd be open to pretty much all adult content...mostly BDSM themed with a completely medieval/fantasy setting, but friendly to Gor or any other RP.
  2. I'm looking to have a selection of items custom made to use around a medieval themed piece of land I've set up. Initially I'd like something of an emblem designed for me with blue being the primary color used and duel swords featured on it. I'd like to give the developer/artist the freedom to have fun with it so I'd like to keep the specifics beyond that mostly open. This emblem will represent a medieval themed kingdom/land/nation and would then be used by the developer to create multiple items for ornamentation around the land...namely flags, banners, wall mounted shield crests, etc... I'd also like a few small custom items...mostly signs to identify certain buildings (Inn, Tavern, etc...) and a few for room numbers and such for the Inn. Most items I would want with Copy or Copy/Mod permissions...only 1 or two items would be Copy/Transfer. *********************************************************************************************************** As a separate issue I am interested in having a few simple scripts made to made interactive use of log books and tip jars in places like a Tavern, Inn, Ship Rental, etc... ********************************************************************************************************** Please message me if you are interested for more details...looking for good quality and am expecting to pay a decent amount for it.
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