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  1. January 23 at 12:14 am I was told if I apologize to the management of kk latex the ban I was under would be removed and I allowed to return to the Garden of Venus but I ended up with new rules I have to live by once I return and the apology was just a ploy so the Owners could keep kk latex on as a spondor. New rules are no asking to be Owned by a Mistress or Goddess , no talking with a Mistress or having a Owner might as well talk to a wall then. I did as asked now they should honor their promise to lift the ban and allow my return. All I ask is the fighting stop and lets be feiends whats the point in spending Lindens on the DJ and Host might as well save to pay my land rent just trying to help the club grow. :matte-motes-evil-grin:
  2. So just live with it huh ? Why would you make a comment about the word of god and act like nobody cares .
  3. A person made a joke about the lords prayer and I got ban for sticking up for the bible ? Read the IM at what was said very dis-tasteful I think ( Garden 0f Venus ) an hour ago .
  4. is there a 800 number for second life ?
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