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  1. Well I don´t know if you are designer, but people can recognize their own designs. One thing is when you use, for example, a full perm belt as its, and another thing is when you use 30 different pieces of different sculpts to make a skirt. I understand, someone can make something similar to other, and I would never report that, cause I understand all is invented in RL and in SL so people can have similar ideas. But if you build something using different parts of lots of different sculpts, mixing and matching..and you see other "designer" with exactly the same creation than you, with the prims
  2. Hi all. I´m designer of gorean and medieval clothes and I would like to register my creations in U.S if it´s possible. I have a form I got from a web and it explains how to do it, but since I design clothes, I´m not sure about how can I register the outfits. To design, as many creators, sometimes I bought full perm mesh, sculpts, templates and textures, and I mix and match them to create my own idea and style. I know ideas can´t be registred, But it´s possible to register an outfit altought I used some full perm mesh, texture or sculpt to build it? If yes..how can I register it? Should I nee
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