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  1. Well its not that hard to make this observation when you have seen what I have seen in SL over the years of logging in & playing. I am not really here to judge countries based on this, be racist, or say that a country is bad because I am not, and I am not going to make the claim that no bots come from the U.S because doing such would not be true. However what I am saying is that Over the years of playing SL my obeservations I have noticed that most the bots I run into have come from foreign countries, and its not hard to tell because they are speaking it in text, and some of them over the mic, and I know what language it is even verified it through google translate, and not only this but in SL is only part of it. I had the person on my contacts list outside of Second Life and I saw they were also from a foreign country as well. When I checked the Host of the website I talk about which keeps changing I noticed that the site was hosted in Germany by a germany provider checked it by WHOIS multiple times. If you actually make a throw away account of course assuming you are willing to risk the security or use a different computer you could always go create some of yoru own content and leak it as if you are a griefer making a share and get in as a Spy, and then you can find out easily where a lot of these griefers come from the people who BlackMail others with things like You do this or I am going to Do this and so on. Although there is no need because over the years I have kept a very good eye on quite a few goons winks, and its finally come to the point where I have absolutely had it, and so have the people I know in SL who wish to remain anonymous they have gone too far. While I have mentioned foreign countries here this was just an observation of things I have seen over the years, you see most botting griefers like to hang around Welcome Areas, RolePlay areas like "GOR" which is a big place so they can clone avatars this is where I usually find the foreign botters. However with saying this Do you all remember the Voice Exploit,where it was possible to obtain peoples IP addresses and geolocate them? Yes thats right I used this exploit on many of the little kiddies hanging around the welcome area years ago its not illegal to do just monitoring my own packets off my network card, and you see I discovered that quite a few of these IP's were likely Kids with Girefer accounts, and I will say they were from the U.S because I tracked back their IP, and they were not on a Proxy or VPN either I ran multiple checks. They have the nerve to hang around welcome areas and brag about how they Copy Stuff, Laugh on the mic, and you think you can hide behind all your alts from someone like me think again, I am not stupid, and I am not someone who abuse things in fact this is the first time I have ever said anything about using this exploit and knowing this I am done I want to see these griefing kids gone. http://www.iprcenter.gov/ I don't know what else to say other than I filed a long report here explaining the issue, and all the Hosts of the site I could find on google, I think that other merchants who hold intellectual property rights do the same thing especially when you know your work has been posted there the more who file the more chance hopefully it will get taken down and they will legally do something here about the Bot's, and finally justice will be served to the person who is running this service, and all of those making donations, as well as posting the content themselves. Something needs to be done to save Second Life from this grief.
  2. I am everyone and I am no one. I have be around SL for like 5 years almost now and it really isn't the CopyBot itself that gets me I know it breaks TOS its the illegal sharing of what these griefer groups are doing sharing illegal content on their site, and now their most notorius of placing password loggers in their viewers that people download which they have already deleted a few peoples Second Life iventory. I checked out that link you posted about the FBI, and I have filed a complaint there because one of the avatars the copy off of me while most of it was other peoples creations I actually do hold copyright to one or two textures on my body a couple of tattoos which gives me enough excuse to claim CopyRight. The question however is if the FBI will do a damn thing I filed the complaint on their "Internet Crime Complaint Center" giving as much information as I could and they say they do not have the resources to respond to reports filed so to me it seems like I need the money to go hire a lawyer or something. What I really do know is these griefer goons need to go, yes it is dangerous to expose your main accounts when posting any information about this now because they could target you. The problem I see is that a lot of these goons are from Italy, France, and Romania, Germany, I am not racist I know not everyone from these countries are guilty, but I am saying quite a few of them come from outside the U.S so what is the FBI going to do, and what could I do in the U.S even if I had a lawyer. It seems like Linden Lab would do a better job at protecting people during their registration process, verifying accuracy of information given, and actually protect its residents in SL from account hacks, but as you all know this one persons inventory had over 45k items KingGoon compromised their account not a thing LL could do and they have quit SL. Is there any other steps I can really take that won't cost me a lot of moeny to get these goons jailed in Real Life reguardless of their country like international LAW or something. I am willing to use any excuse I can to get anything done legally including the two assets of mine they stole while it wasn't much I will use it as an excuse. I also filed complaints on their website for illegal piracy of Real World content, Movies, Games, and Music to the RIAA, MOPA, and software companies explaining the piracy I have seen there. On the other hand one of my merchant partners has had their entire store cloned and given away in Second Life & On this site full permissions and we are sick of it, and god knows when they might decide to try to compromise our accounts next for any reason. What will protect us.
  3. I know there has been many warnings on about phishing but some friendly reminders. 1. Make sure your viewer comes from the Approved viewers by Second Life, do not accept downloads or custom viewers from yoru friends. I don't know how many of you are aware but there are over 100+ illegal viewers going around some of them which preform illegal functions or advanced functions which were designed by KingGoon. Be aware that KingGoon viewers not only break the TOS but recent releases contain a password logger which sends your password and username to his database, this is why its important not to accept or login from any of his viewers by anyone even to test them out. I know there are 16 Thousand potential illegal users who have used an illegal viewer and has their account at risk. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory Make sure your viewer is legit and comes from here. Also change your password often, and keep in mind LL still does not 100% guarentee your security with any third party viewer. 2. Watch out for Phishing Links in your Second Life email, Fake Links in Dialogue, or IM's sent to you. 3. Disable Java Script in SL, Java Script is very vulnurable to viruses, and backdoor loggers only browse websites through your external browser. 4. Disable Media, keep media off to avoid IP logging, and detection or harassment from other users only enable on land you trust turn off afterwards, if you stream music do it from an external browser. ( For example like Red Zone did and the bot detector that protects clubs I forget name. Its not magic it works by IP when you have your media on to see if you are cheating sploders.) 5. SL Voice can possibly be used to track IP addresses still. Bottom Line KingGoon is hacking Second Life acounts, Deleting entire peoples inventories, and harassing many developers in Second Life as well as sharing illegal copyrighted work on his website. This is a very large griefer group in Second Life, and they will target anyone for any reason they please and have also been known to Prank Call Linden Lab to try to gain access to other peoples accounts, and Brute Force attempts on others as well as other attempts of phishing like site registrations if people use their same password as SL and such. For those who don't know much about KingGoon, he is not a actual Second Life user I am talking about so I am not breaking the rules here, KingGoon is a website which constantly relocates its servers to avoid DMCA/Legal, and I Encourage all creators of content who has had their work illegally stolen and uploaded to File a DMCA with the person hosting his site for take down keep it up and he will finally get tired of it just do not give your SL name. Be Smart, Make a Back-Up box as well and leave it Rez in world it pays to be safe. I hope this helps some of those who have been griefed by this group of griefers.
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