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  1. ..:-Club Spectrum-:.. Club Spectrum is a new Dance Club for the LGBT community, though allies are always welcome! We are holding our grand opening today starting at 3pm SLT and lasting all night. There will be live music, a L$1000 fishbowl prize and L$5 Trivia running all night. Stop in and party with us, grab a group invite while you are there to keep up with all upcoming events. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart Scar/21/171/29
  2. My wife and I would like to get out and meet some people to hang out with and i've been searching for a good LGBT community maybe some good Lesbian or LGBT friendly dance clubs/bars etc. if anyone knows of any. Thank you.
  3. I'd like to find a decent suit/tuxedo for a woman. Something similar to this picture but I would really prefer a red and black theme. I need it kind of soon as it is for a valentine's night I am planning with my wife. If anyone knows of one in the marketplace can you point me in the right direction? Or if anyone is willing to make it for me I am willing to pay just let me know how much. Thank you. EDIT: I forgot to mention it needs to be for a SLink Physique mesh body.
  4. Hey hows it going. My wife and I came back over to SL recently from IMVU also. Too many issues with IMVU getting disconnected every few minutes and whatnot lol, plus its just so boring there. We have a lot more fun spending time together on SL. When you are in a long distance relationship it really is all about being able to feel as connected as possible and SL does a much better job of doing that for us. But anyways... We are a little older than you, I know you said you are looking for people more your age, we are 31. But if you are ever bored and want to hang out send a message. Were always open to finding new friends.
  5. LOL Talligurl you posted yourself looking for friends and then come on here bashing Damien for doing it? I hung out with Damien tonight he is cool we had a blast. But don't come on here bashing him for doing the same damn thing you did yourself lol.
  6. Hi Auna, Nice to met you. Feel free to hit me up whenever and we can hang out.
  7. My wife and I have come over to SL from IMVU. We enjoy it here a lot more but we have no friends to hang out with here on SL. Our group of friends from IMVU refuses to join us here because they don't want to take the time to learn how to use this platform. We like to hang out, watch movies, listen to music play games. We have a cards against humanity table at our house and would love to find some more people to come have games with us :P We also enjoy catching live performances on here and dancing the night away. If anyone is looking for a couple people to just hang out and have a fun time with then let me know :).
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