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  1. Hey *waves* looking for some cool chill people to hang out with, maybe even rp with. I'm 28 in RL and have been in SL for 5 years and counting. I rp in a few sims including Sanctuary, Convergence, and Crack Den. Needless to say I enjoy adult rp sims and fantasy, especially vampires, though i can definitely go with the whole urban household rp plan. And if you know about World Of Darkness White Wolf in any way, its a plus.....and slowly trying to introduce myself back into Gor but with no one to go with into it, I feel slow and out of place. I would prefer people to be on either pacific or central time difference. I am currently on pacific , though it's no big deal if you aren't. :) The fact is, I have over 200 people on my friends list and maybe only 30 come online and out of that only 5 speak, so I'm about to clean house. :) Hope to hear from you soon.
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