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  1. Hello all, first off Merry Christmas! I just opened a new social disctrict in Second Life and to get the started i'm looking for managers. Please note, for now only hiring managers... other jobs will be posted in the future. Check out the district: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farmington/208/56/29 Want to join? Send me a notecard or visit us inWorld and let's have a chat.
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. i'll be back in SL this weekend and go trough them. But a big thanks for the positive vibes.
  3. Hello, i got lucky in the SL Casino this week. With a skill game i banked 100.000 L$ Instead of reinvesting it back into the skill game i want to take the chance to launch a business. So anyone with business ideas and things i could do In-World please post it below. Haters don't bother :) Looking forward to the ideas.
  4. Hello, I run a community college in SL. We are a few weeks old but decided to expand before the new school year after getting some new investors on the board. We are relocating to a 1/4 sim and building up a modern and urban city around the college. We plan to open this week saturday at our new location. At the moment we are looking for creative and motivated business people that want to run a shop at the sim. There is no rent and you are your own boss. All we ask is that your product is unique and that your ready to work and bring life into and around the college city. If you are interestd to join in on the exclusive opportunity then send me an email to Thomassy.Resident@gmail.com You can try to IM me, but sometimes my IM's get capped. Anyway let me know if you want to start your own virtual business. Also feel free to join our College website for residents at http://www.residents.me
  5. Hi, have you ever wanted to teach? Then it's time you come on down to Resident.me Community College. We are looking for teachers in all fields, from the classic math and languages to philosophy and webdesign. What are the requirements to teach? 1. Join the website www.Residents.me 2. Create a group on the website for your class 3. Get in touch with a manager and they'll get you setup inworld. 4. As a teach you got to put in at least 5 hours a week of classes. All pay will be based on an hourly rate + tips. Looking forward to it! Thank Thomassy Resident & Warryn Aries Visit us inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unforgiven%20Island/248/11/22
  6. Welcome to the New Community College in SL. Around the college Area we have store for rent. It would be cool if some of you cool designers out there come on down and rent a store. Also, renting @ Residents.me you get more then a store. You get all the support and marketing you can dream of. You also get exclusive access to the website (www.Residents.me) where you can manage your profile and setup a business page. If you have any questions, just pass by in-world and we'll get you started! Thanks, Thomassy Resident & Warryn Aries Visit us inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unforgiven%20Island/248/11/22
  7. Hi, I'm inworld.. just hanging at the moment. I want to get started on a virtual business today, and i'm looking for 1 business partner. I was thinking of getting a 4096sqm parcel at zoha estates (2500k/week) and my business partner should rent the other parcel of 4096 sqm. As i'm still playing with a few concepts in my head, i havent made a choice about the business we would be starting. Please feel free to contact me inworld with suggestions and lets do this..
  8. Hi, i'm looking for a SL photographer and artwork editor. I would like to take 10 pictures of my new business hangout. To visit inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Macando/33/198/22 Please quote me on your price. Your timeframe for delivery. Past refrenceses (Please send textures in Notecard) I reply to inworld messages, forum replies and e-mails (Thomassy.Resident@Gmail.com) Thanks, Thomassy Resident
  9. Hello, I just setup a small hangout area with a lounge club and some shop rentals. I'm looking to hire a dedicated manager ready to take on the job. There are a few requirements, but probally one of the most important is an interview. Just pass down to the hang out, and look out for me Thomassy Resident. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Macando/32/198/22 For the moment i just need 1 manager. So all applicants will be interviewed but only 1 chosen. As a manager you're looking at a fix pay of 600L$ / Week + Commisions after a 2 week trial periode. I cant wait to find out who'll meet. I'm hoping someone ready to take the business to the top with me. Looking forward to positive replies... if you don't really have anything to say please don't comment :) Thanks Thommas Resident for http://www.Residents.me
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