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  1. Ah, thanks for answering guys! I didn't mean to be vague... sorry I prefer a male organ(ugh, censor) and v4gin4 without testicles(not always)... Basically a female who got a p3nis somehow, versus a male with boobs. oh, and by completely female I just meant not a futa/trans/cow/lampshade-person/whatever Yeah, you'd probably be right assuming that . @Syo - I meant did they exist, obviously not all of them would
  2. I'm sort of new here(A month? something like that, I haven't played too much during that time), and I'm into futa(it's impossible IRL, so might as well do it in sl) but not really futa/futa and NOT futa/male, I was just wondering if females actually liked it. Oh, and this isn't a hookup request :P
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