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  1. we're still here doom.... just fyi... but yes lots has slowed down in lots of spots... interests've changed... rl intruded for some people
  2. la seule facon de faire c'est d'importer en mesh ( en format fichier .dae) pour faire ca, il faut 1. avoir payment info (carte de credit) sur votre compte 2. passer le petit test sur les 'copyrights' des objets les resultas varient... mais vous devriez etre capable d'uploader l'avatar. je suis plus proficient sur blender/avastar donc je ne sais pas si votre corps/tete mesh sera 'rigged' (capable de suivre les os du corps SL) ou capable de fermer les yeux (sur avastar il faut enlever les yeux pour le faire. apres telecharger (uploader) le .dae, vous aller devoir le mettre sur vous comme vous metter un chandaille ou des jeans. il couvriera l'avatar classic SL que vous devrez cacher avec un alpha (creer un alpha dans 'apparence'> edit outfit > body parts > creer un nouvel alpha > cliquer la case de la tete, le torso et le bas du corps > sauver bonne chance
  3. this might shed some light on it http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ you look in the 'mesh body reviews > women's mesh bodies' section of their blog
  4. if the account is deleted it shouldn't come up in search. i've had someone not login for days now & same issue... only the person wouldnt leave without warning... their name is not in the groups but they didnt pick up her stuff & didnt say bye so i know they did not intentionally leave SL... profile still has all their groups in it... so... a mystery
  5. so you need eyes adjusted for your avi. i suspect your shape is made for furry heads & not the regular avi head
  6. Whatever happened to the yearly one day of rain...? i don't think they did it this year?
  7. 1. i agree with those that said if it's not broken don't fix it...and here i'm wondering if there isn't a bigger issue of they can't handle all the MP store items that had been hosted by their specific server for this thus it being actually broken but them not telling us and just changing it?:smileyindifferent: 2. i'd like to point out that as in old SL days( pre-server side baking), inventory server "gobbles" some items from people's inventory (since inventory server's reverted back to the old style)..... ummmm...anyone else thinks this is a bad thing if it gobbles up my MP listed items and I don't notice?? I personally understand that loading heaps of inventory lagged (the servers) everyone terribly but I liked the fact it didnt "gobble up" my inventory for that time period :matte-motes-sour: 3. yeahhhh.... i'm trying to cut down on inventory too and not lag myself right out of SL like so many people i've helped (it does happen, not everyone has a supper powered up gaming computer that can handle 5 games as demanding as SL all running at the same time and not even bat an eyelash from lag)... if I have to host those MP items in inventory (those that the server doesn't use as appetizers), then all of that's going to become a major cause of problems in the long term... even if I house my MP on an alt....:catfrustrated: I'd like to point out that I really liked the ease of use of the merchant outbox and the fact it made MP really user friendly. :cathappy: so although i applaud the initiative to find a "better system", I simply don't see this as being better :catindifferent:
  8. hey guys, thinking about getting a nook and I would love to be able to get on SL with it... I just can't find anything about any app or viewer available for it :( is there one...or can someone make one?!? thanks!
  9. the easiest most available and spoken of jobs are in the sex industry, it's true. But if you know where to look there are other jobs avainlable: tons of people in SL would hire you to teach languages, teach how to build, how to make clothing, you can tutor, you could hire out as an interpreter, you can do so many things in SL as jobs go, you just gotta find the right sim with the right ppl to point you in the right direction. They are out there. I say start with Caledon Oxbridge. Do a search for any university you would find in RL, chances are they have an SL base as well. Go look up job agencies, etc. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  10. honestly, there isn't much you can do. Either you wait until she comes back or you write her off as gone for good. Chances are if someone is a very good friend they would give you other wayys to contact them than sl... That said it is not LL's job to give you said person's personal info with said person's express permission, they would open themselves up for all sorts of trouble, lawsuits, etc. You can see if a different friend of the person's would pass a msg along if they have another means to contact them. Chances are though, that if they left SL and did not give you a means to contact them, then they don't want to be found/contacted outside of SL and you need to respect that. If she wanted to contact you, she knows where to find you. It's really sad that so many don't get that there are real RL feelings behind everything that happens in SL even if it's just RP'ing for a lot of ppl... I say a friend is a friend, even in SL but not too many think that way...
  11. it's possible that a number of things happened, but real friends won't dump you for no reason. I wonder if you can contact them and ask why you were removed. Anyone worth the friendship will answer you and you can talk things over. Otherwise then they probably weren't real friends to begin with. I'm basing this from my own RL experience because people will act the same in SL for the most part, but some people do think that when you partner up you no longer have time for friends or single friends or even they don't have a partner so it makes them somewhat envious and so they unfriend you rather than look at how happy you are. Something else that can happen is that your new partner somehow told them off, not as likely but if your partner isn't who they claim to be or has a reputation in sl that might make your friends stop talking to you. or even another option is that they were your friends just from hoping to hook up with you and when that didn't happen, they decided to move on. Again the best advice i can give you is try to discuss why they dumped you as a friend. If they refuse to answer then they weren't real friends to start with. If they answer than you have your chance to talk things over and maybe re-acquire them to your friend list good luck to you
  12. the only real way to find someone like that would probably to make a spot in SL your home. If you have a lot of experience with the many features in sl you could try volunteering or working at a sim that helps noobs, you could meet a lot of interesting people that way. Roaming doesn't always get you noticed unless you visit more than once. People tend to stick with the older members of a group and within that group new peeps don't always fit in so you have to do what you have to do. Find a sim with lots of nice people and start becoming a regular. Once people know you better, then you might find that special connection you seek.
  13. oh no, there's a whole lot more you can do. You can work, you can learn new skills, etc. I would try to seach for the sims that offer what else you might be interested in and even if they seem empty, usually they have groups you can communicate with people who can help you out. It's all there, you just have to find it. If you're new to SL I recommend you try Noobia, they have a lot of answers on a lot of topics and even if you're not so new they can probably point you in the right direction Good luck
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