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  1. on sl i have several kids and grandkids i also live on adult land i want to know the rules about them coming to my home im not talking sex fgs they r kids to me and i protect kids from the predators but i missed out on raisng my kids in rl i want to do it right and they didnt have the best childhood im sure there is no sex stuff out where they would come to so what r the rules can they come to my house or not? if u have an actual answer please let me know debra luckstone IM me please
  2. im trying to get info on zooby babies and how high the satages go also what they gain per lvl
  3. when i click on page number it dont work i also cant send a gift and the area above the stuff im looking at that slide side to side wont work either what is wrong with my market page nad how do i fix it?
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