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  1. I tried it and got nothing. I put msvcr80 and *100 in my system32, SysWOW64, and Firestorm folders, and no go. Now I'm getting ticked. The alpha worked just fine! I can't fathom why the official releases wouldn't..
  2. Thing is, we HAVE installed both. I actually just now uninstalled and re-installed both the 64 and 32 bit versions of the C++ redistributable. Still no joy.
  3. I think one important thing to note here is... AliceHazel isn't getting a "DLL is missing" error message, but an error message with a code. 0xc000007b. I'm having this issue myself, and there hasn't been any solution yet. Like Alice, I was able to run the Alpha just fine, but the official x64 releases give me this trouble as well. I've looked in System32 and SysWOW64, and both already have MSVCP100.dll in them. So I doubt the lack of said DLL is the problem.
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