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  1. I want to know if I could change My Avatar's Name?
  2. ok..Claireschen, where do I find the 16x32 and how do I get the 512sqm?
  3. are there any premium houses with bathrooms?
  4. I need help with My avatar, I've rebaked and rebaked and it still needs baking...how can I fix it?
  5. @ Echo, ty so much...I appreciate You! that worked out fine...
  6. I'm stuck in a demo skin and I've tried to take it off several times, Is a way to remove it? I've even took everything off My Avatar to start over and the demo is still there...help.
  7. Why do the You can't rezz here message come up when I try adding furniture that's been unpacked at the sandbox? I'm up in arms about this I just want to furnish My House and start to have fun here, can somebody help me? I've already rezzed the boxes I want to add the furniture to the house. but that message keeps popping up. Ok it shows Me listed as owner but the box to set as group can't be checked...
  8. @ Charolotte Caxton, Thank You so much I appeciate You!!!! I now have feet again...
  9. MrsLaNaiJohnson


    I lost me feet trying to make them small and fit in my shoes, how do I get them back?
  10. Nyll Bergbahn, Thank You so much You helped Me alot !!!!!! I'm saying when I try to add a piece of furniture to my house that says no copy, it won't show but when I go back to the sandbox it'll show up, is it a way to add it to my house?
  11. How do I use a no copy product? I have a whole group of no copy files and when I try adding them nothing shows up, can somebody help me with this?
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