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  1. If I try to view anything with an adult tag on the marketplace I keep seeing this message: This item is rated Adult, which exceeds your chosen maximum maturity level of General - View item anyway Never used to do this and its very annoying when I'm trying to browse through a few different things. Lots of outfits that aren't adult items can have such a tag applied so its spoiling my use of the store. Is there a way to turn this off? It's even worse when some pages require me to log back in as I have to go to the sign in page then come back and click the message to get in. The site se
  2. This is nothing to do with the OPs wireless or internet connection. Since the database maintenance over the weekend the issue has been effecting a large number of Sims across Secondlife.
  3. I've been a Premium member for about a month and accepted the free house. However since then I've gone on and rented some land off a Linden and built a club/fun area for a group of friends its become my new home. Pretty much means I no longer need the Premium house and I'm not so sure the benefits membership provides are worth me paying anymore. Someone suggested that it might be possible to donate the premium land I was given (after deleting the house) to the Group and land area where my new place is. But if I do this and then cancel the Premium membership will that land be pulled from the
  4. I have paid up with rent, my buildings are built and set. All seems fine but form the Land option ticking search just ticks the box and then unticks it. Not sure what to do.
  5. If click to use the Search facility my character makes the sound of a cow mooing. I can't find anything in the options to disable this option and it might sound funny but can be ridiculous at times especially when in the middle of a conversation and you just want to search something. Is there a way to disable this? I'm using the Mac version. Edit. I should say its the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.
  6. I've tried resetting my router as well as booting into the SL viewer and Firestorm one but its always the same. If I open my inventory it seems to just keep loading part of the outfit but says I'm wearing certain items but I can't wear anything else or edit my appearance. I'm on an iMac and not sure how to do a rebake.
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