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  1. So in effort to destroy the small business person they are charging a fee to reregister $100USD and will then charge on a monthly/quarterly basis extra fees. In one stroke killing off any small business who can’t afford these charges.. And any small upstart before they make any profit. Rules make sense if you can’t have gambling where you live you can't have a gambling business but $100USD just to say yes your correct you can have skill gaming now pay us regularly regardless of you making anything.
  2. Most dance are unisex even most of the female and male specific dances. as for a dance that is with 3 people, unfortunately this is not a normal set up but most Huds do allow up to 30 people to join in doing the same moves. if you are good at remembering the dance steps and routines it is possible to do some dances where you face each other and weave in and out of each other, this takes some practice but is possible. I may only be new to SL but to dancing well that’s something I have done in RL for over 30 years now, so I kind of find the breaking of steps and joining of styles to be easy
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