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  1. I get an error message called "unable to transfer inventory" whenever my friends try to give me stuff. I resurrected an old avatar from 2007 so obviously missed out on the "received" folder from the marketplace and all the new building tools etc... How long will poor Poetina have to endure being so different from everybody else? What can poor Poetina do to get herself an AO and some hair? Right now there's no rezzing and no inventory wearing or adding at all. I'm very sad. Help?? EDIT: DECEMBER 9, 2012 Thanks for your input!! There are a few things wrong with Poetina's inventory, apparently, according to Linden Labs. The Lindens have been very helpful about this issue. I am of course using the most up to date viewer and I can see mesh on everybody else. I know that hair is not transferable and neither are AOs, but in order to test the inventory I have gone to freebie-islands and welcome centres to get 0L and 1L items to test with, before actually attempting an expensive purchase. My friends have been transfering me transferable goods and nothing will load in Poetina's inventory and so the Lindens got involved: there is some sort of corruption in the old girl. It is very sad. But thank you very much for your suggestions; they would be great for newcomers. The Lindens will take it from here; and I may just have to get a brand new avvie instead of trying to resurrect that lovely old one (I was stupid to delete her!! Keep your peeps!!)
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