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  1. As for the shoes - go get some heels with prim toes and alpha layer that hides default feet. Adjusting them and matching the colour is a challenge, but you'll master it. From my perspective, nice shoes (or good prim feet) make the difference between newb and someone who is willing to work on her/his avatar. I've even seen some wonderful free heels like that, but can't recall the shop name. IM me and I might be able to dig out the LM.
  2. Tex Monday wrote: "Sissy is here to service Master however he wishes." That's what prevents me from being DOM. What I would love would be a maid with his (her) own brain, cheeky and willing to explore. "Yes Mistress" becomes boring quite quickly. The fun is in exploring common fantasies - I wish there would be more maids like that
  3. I've seen the skin recently again, but the avatar wearing it wasn't willing to tell me where the skin is from. I've seen the skin before, and I am guessing it was the same one. I'd describe it as a tall caucasian female, relatively muscular with well formed calves, bigger breasts with huge pink areoals, tan lines (although not sure if that was a part of the skin) and thick dark pubic hair, showing pink labia. I know, tall is not a question of skin :) but both females I've seen looked relatively tall, and the skin gave them sort of "mature and proud about it" look. I am guessing the naughty bits and the pubic hair was a part of that skin, as both avatars looked similar - unless she was an alt. Any hints appreciated. I've spent hours on Marketplace, eyes sore, but can't find it. Huge thanks and sweet kisses, Maggie
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