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  1. yes i have having the same issue. All black in a split second. My system requirements are fine as well. Since the last viewer updates some things become more clear for me. Linden Labs is pushing mesh and people that are not fully in mesh in body/hair/accessoires crash more and more. It's a nightmare and I wonder if Linden Labs doesn't take a very selfdestructive path. Normally they don't give a **bleep** and do what they want to do and burn their residents. Nine years Sl showed me this over and over again. I guess if you want to stay in SL you have to dump all non mesh and buy a new mesh avatar, clothes, hair and everything you need in mesh. It's all about money. what's new in this world? Good luck! Jainas
  2. I have a GeForce GTS 250 Graphic card from NVIDIA, Windows 8.1 , RAM 4 GB, 64 bits X64 processor and it all worked just fine till a few months agoo and then this issues started. It's not a 10 year old comp. So..if this is not good, then let me know please
  3. Since a few months in all viewers my computer crashes and set my screen all black. I need to reboot my computer manually. My graphic card is in the list and when it works everything rezzes very quick. Almost 10 years in SL but now my life is ending here in SL. It sounds dramatic, but it's a fact. I have no idea anymore what to do with this.
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