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  1. Hi all. This looks like my kinda thread. The whole “I’m terrified of people” thing. 🤣 Okay maybe nobody took it that far but I am. So, about me? It’s been over 10 years since I first made my SL avi. There have been several times in those years that I played a lot. But it’s been mostly sporadic since there’s not much to keep me going back. I have a SL “family.” Used to have more family and friends. The places we used to hang out are gone and most of them are gone too. I keep logging in and just sitting there trying to think what the heck to even do? I really want to get back into it. I don’t really leave my house much in RL and at the moment my only social outlet is Twitter. I spend most of my time writing Sims stories and watching gaming on Twitch or YouTube and chatting with gamers on Twitter. Usually all at the same time since I have 2 monitors. 😅 Anyway, obviously I tend to be long-winded. 😬 The point is I’d like to meet some people outside of my SL family to chat with or maybe meet up with.
  2. Hello! I have been trying to adopt via the adoption agencies inworld but am having no luck. I am a single female with a family so you would have relatives. I have a little cabin with an empty bedroom just waiting for a child. I haven't bought furniture because I want you to pick it out. We will also have a playground on our land soon, we just moved. I have a toddler sister but she isn't on very much due to heath issues RL. I roleplay family all the time but talk RL when needed to explain a bad day or something like that. I am on SL between 6am and 6pm SLT off and on. Please feel free to IM me your questions and concerns. Thanks! ~Shy
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    Well if either of you doesn't mind hanging out with a girl that's a girl You can add me!
  4. Hi! Thanks for reading. I've been on SL off and on for 7 years. As the title says I have a big family but few friends outside of the family and the ones I have don't log on much. I'm looking for someone to chat with and mabye shop and other stuff. I'm a horrible builder so if that's what you're looking for in a friend I'm not your girl! I'm totally cool with gay/strait/bi ect, just know that I'm not looking for a relationship and I'd rather my family not see me hanging out with male avitars when they glance at my screen. I think that's about it!
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