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  1. For Collect your earning you need to go new Sim at ATM The Location now is in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuredhu/137/222/22
  2. According ticket system you never done a ticket with us. Can you tell me your ticket id please?
  3. Hello Sometimes we have some delay but we always back to you. Thanks. The Second farm team
  4. We make all old potions inactive cauce we did an update you may read more about it using this link
  5. Try edite later or use my.secondlife.com
  6. Hi GoldenVelvet, Yes you can change your linden home. For change linden Home just Abandone this land and then get a new land I may recommend you to read http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Linden-Homes/ta-p/700103
  7. Hi I can't offers you a job but if you want you can join to fishing into second life and earn linden http://www.thesecondfarm.com/subpages/mfhowtoplay.php you yet can look for a job in clubs stores etc Advertise you name and meet people can help you with Hope had helped you
  8. Please check if you can see it using https://my.secondlife.com/pt-BR/Paige.Werefox
  9. Neste momento para criar marketplace no Second life não precisa de ter Dados de Pagamento activado c veja portanto os seguintes links. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-in-the-Marketplace/ta-p/700193 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-market-your-products/ta-p/700181 Espero ter ajudado
  10. well i would recommend you to use official viwer if firestorm are not working and contact firestorm team, can be a bug in firestorm viwer http://www.firestormviewer.org/contact-us/ you can also report the problem for linden lab using https://support.secondlife.com/
  11. it means that you had oin this group you need to go to the groups and desactive tag or just leave this group http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_remove_title_above_my_head
  12. Talvez seja melhor contactar o supporte usando https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/
  13. Apenas funcionam links que funcionem como Radio online (boadcast)
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