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  1. I personally don't care what people do with their avies as long as they are legally adults behind the screen. It's not my scene to play a 10 year old sexpot, but it's also not my scene to play a serial rapist on an RLV capture sim, a wartime assassin, a cannibalistic abortionist or a trafficked prostitute...and all of these other things are perfectly acceptable while being just as abhorrent. If SL is going to allow people to act out crimes (murders, thefts, rape) in the name of fantasy - which I think they should - then why say one illicit fantasy is worse than the rest? If the evidence comes
  2. The main difference between an escort and a domme is that an escort will sleep with you. Seriously, an escort is someone who gives her clients sexual satisfaction for a price. With an escort you, the client, are in complete control. What you say goes; what she wants is irrelevant or at least secondary. If you want a blow job, the escort will provide it for you, whether or not she's attracted to you or likes giving blow jobs. She will do what you ask in order to earn a fee. Now, you can ask an escort to urinate on you or beat you with a belt, but that doesn't turn her into a domme. She may be
  3. Hello, Firstly, it has to be said that there is no single way to "do" BDSM. SL offers tremendous variety, and each dominant you meet is likely to have a unique style and repertoire. Each also indulges certain kinks. If you are shopping for a domme, one of the first things you'll need to do is find out how she dominates, what types of fetishes she is willing to explore and what her demands are. It sounds like the person you met is a findom, specialising in financial domination. Most findom groups do charge a fee (usually much higher than 3K though), and offer no guarantees of time with the mi
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