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  1. l am on Linux - UBUNTU l cannot zoom - apparently the ALT key is not working same as it would in WINDOWS l tried to follow the instructions given to me, viz: Alt on Linux is used for window management. The viewer won't ever see it. To fix this you will need to reassign that to another (I use the useless Win key) If you are using KDE then... Settings>System Settings>Window Management>Window Behaviour Then select the Window Actions tab Then change the Modifier key from "Alt" to "Meta" Fixed. If you use Gnome or something else, look for the place to change window drag from alt to meta. nd while you are in there you may as well turn on Compose too! Then you can do special characters like ° quite easy Settings>System Settings>Input Devices Then select the Advanced tab Then scroll down to "Position of Compose key" and set it to "Caps Lock" (I choose this becuase it's a useless key. Caps-Lock+o+o = ° Caps-Lock+c+/ = ¢ Caps-Lock+e+= = € (handy if you talk to Europeans) and so on. The list of characters is huge and very logical. HOWEVER l cannot find Window Management or Input Devices in the UBUNTO settings Can you give me any other options please
  2. l had to transfer to Linux - using Ubuntu - and now l cannot zoom - l m on Firestorm When l use the usual keys to zoom - ie ALT and the arrow keys, the usual 'mouse' thing appears but l cannot get closer to stuff - and yes l did disable camera things from preferences. Can anybody help me solve problem?
  3. Hi Everybody We are holding a Hanger Dance at our Airfield, Bentwaters Field, Courage, tomorrow Saturday, 5th April at 3pm SLT. Everybody is welcome. L$3,000 in prizes for best in 1940s Vintage Costume. This is a pre-event occasion before our Official Grand opening of the Airfield, on the 12th April, when we will be holding the first WINTERHAWK CUP Air Race. This Race is an out and back race around the Grid for single-engined piston driven aircraft of WW2 Vintage, those manufactured between 1039 adn 1945. There is a L$15,000 pot in prizes, so what are u waiting for? Come and join us and have fun. There will also be several other activities, including boat races, sky diving, balloon rides and another dance. Registration for the Race maybe made at the airfield itself. Hope to see you at both occasions - the more the merrier.
  4. l had the same problem some time ago - u can also open a support chit and Linden Labs will get round to fixing it as a rule.
  5. My boyfriend would like to have his own airfield alongside our 'home' so we can fly to our friend's airfields and they can come to ours. Can we specifically order such land direct from Linden? l would assume it would need to be mainland. We need to be sure that no one can put up ban lines which will prevent us from flying off with a plane properly - as my boyfriend kind of likes things to be as realistic as possible. The land on auction so far mostly always seems to have property around it, even if presently some of it does not have ban lines. We would like to be sure that once we buy the land and spend the money, it does not suddenly become useless cos someone blocks us from flying off for any reason (ban lines or whatever) - we would also like to have a bit of sea anyways so as to have a boat to sail off in too. We are talking a fairly big piece of land like some 20K to 30K aprox. but not a full sim as that would then be too much. Any suggestions how we can get this please THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE ANSWERED (sorry about caps but wanted to make sure u would see the ty)
  6. I bought a radio with various settings and although the URL seems to have imprinted itself inmy house's 'About Land' Music URL box, i still cannot hear anything - is there any other setting i need to do Also, is it possible for me and any visitors to my house, to hear music which i have in my computer music files
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