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  1. what can I do when I log in and my av appears as a cloud … and waiting does not render the avatar
  2. logging in avatar appears as a cloud not usually a problem waiting does not correct the problem any advice
  3. Hello' When I log in an a second computer many of my inventory item (like esp in My Outfits are missing) I did get some notice window which I cannot now recreate that mentioned an item had been "filtered" ... can anyone help
  4. Shoes I have worn many time all of a sudden rez on my feet but with gray blocks over them - happens even with new demos
  5. I have Cleared my cache in Phoenix viewer. When I try to change skins ta window pops up and says it 'Cannot change appearance because clothing and shape have not loaded' What do I do ? Only happens when one av loads, not to my alt - so it wouldn't be the internet connection right ?
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