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  1. Hello, I am looking for a mesh creator to help me with a project that I am working on. We are looking for someone to help create a detailed Warehouse type-ish restaurant build. I have several reference pictures and would love to sit down and talk with someone about specifics and pricing. Also, I would prefer the creator to texture also, but that is negotiable. Thank you! (please view reference pictures) Contact me personally (fast communication): itsyeezyj@gmail.com In-world: iimamii.solo
  2. Oh! Alright, that makes sense, is there any way to make it so this doesn't happen ?
  3. I doubt that I have some SL ghosts flying around my house, but I have items that harbor texture change scripts and they are changing on their own. For example, my curtains, my patio couches, and my indoor couches and coffee table have just changed textures randomly. I can change the access, lock and get rid of scripts and the problem still happens. I seek information as its just simply getting frustrating having the change them back over and over again. I currently live about 3500 meters in the air, no neighbors, items access to the menu are set to owner only. Oh, and the house is encased in the Turnip Skydome (if that makes a difference). This has been happening for a while and I am starting to think that its the dome but I am unsure. All the items that are changing on there own are mesh also... if that makes a difference. If anyone knows why, or what I can do to stop this, I would love to know!
  4. Continued Issue; Home build is tweeking!

    I might as well be called Bermuda Triangle lmao! and.... JUST AS AN UPDATE, I COULD NOT DEAL ANYMORE, THE STRESS WAS TAKING OVER ME, MY HUSBAND JUST BOUGHT ME A NEW HOUSE ! thank you for the help anyways!
  5. Continued Issue; Home build is tweeking!

    We have had the sim reset on a # of occasions and still the problem continues lol. Oh believe me when I say I am FED UP lmao. and I will keep posted as I search for an answer
  6. Continued Issue; Home build is tweeking!

    It is not a homested, but the sim is divided into 4 quarters. It just is wierd that my house, is the only HOUSE doing this
  7. I have decided to start a new thread as I feel this might be a new issue. For those that have tried to help me with the problem before I am eternally grateful for the suggestions you have offered, however none have worked, sadly. I have resulted to the forums as the creator of the home, is...no....help. Background info: I bought this home from ROOST not too long ago and from the moment I have gotten it and rez'd it on my land, the build has fallen apart. I initially had it on the ground level, where the problem started, and eventually moved to the build to the sky, where the problem continues.. I have made sure the house was level with the groun and not in it, I have tried reseting scripts, I have triple made sure the build was no where near the parcel border and many other suggestions. Initially, I thought it was the build itself, which may still be the case, but... may something about the land have something to do with it ? I have rez'd the house at a friends location, off of my parcel and the house was fine... and I still have about 2000 prims available, so thats not it. I am really looking for some information possibly as I have spent I small chuck of money on this house, and dont want to have to purchase a new build. Updated screenshots (logged on 1030am pst, 09/21/2014) Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2
  8. I just redid the house and made sure its no up again the parcel boundary, its not to high, the box is level, I took my rights from everyone, as well as in the parcel's group... and now I shall to my class with fingers crossed and see when i get home! thanks again for the suggestions you guys, this is 10X more, than I even got from the creator sadly! FINGERS CROSSED!:matte-motes-grin:
  9. Thanks you guys! I initially had the house on the ground and yes I believe it was uneven, I thought that was the problem but the build calls for terraforming. I then said screw the terraforming and moved the house to the sky, in a skydome... and the problem still happens. Grr. I have also tried using different rez boxes and yesterday, I even rezzed a different version of the house, logged on this morning to find it has fallen apart again! Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Let me first start off with, this is my first time using the forums so if I am looking for help in the wrong area, please please let me know. I have recently, well not THAT recently purchased a ROOST home, which I love, but it keeps falling apart... literally! Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 As my screenshots have shown, floors disappear, parts of the roof disappear, the doors are off their hinges, you name it! I have rez'd that house at least 20 or more times since I have had it and i have no clue in the world what the problem can be. I have contacted customer service in which I have had no luck, they just insisted that THEY BUILT THE HOUSE, THEY KNOW NOTHING IS WRONG, ITS MY FAULT! For 3k I should at least get some suggestions, which led me here. Hope some can help, I am desperate at this point!
  11. Have to find this hair!

    I am dying to find this hair, Ive seen it on a girl, and It would be perfect for a certain look and picture i am working on. Let me know if you have seen it, and where! please. http://i46.tinypic.com/10gwr60.jpg