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  1. Oh! Alright, that makes sense, is there any way to make it so this doesn't happen ?
  2. I might as well be called Bermuda Triangle lmao! and.... JUST AS AN UPDATE, I COULD NOT DEAL ANYMORE, THE STRESS WAS TAKING OVER ME, MY HUSBAND JUST BOUGHT ME A NEW HOUSE ! thank you for the help anyways!
  3. We have had the sim reset on a # of occasions and still the problem continues lol. Oh believe me when I say I am FED UP lmao. and I will keep posted as I search for an answer
  4. It is not a homested, but the sim is divided into 4 quarters. It just is wierd that my house, is the only HOUSE doing this
  5. I just redid the house and made sure its no up again the parcel boundary, its not to high, the box is level, I took my rights from everyone, as well as in the parcel's group... and now I shall to my class with fingers crossed and see when i get home! thanks again for the suggestions you guys, this is 10X more, than I even got from the creator sadly! FINGERS CROSSED!:matte-motes-grin:
  6. Thanks you guys! I initially had the house on the ground and yes I believe it was uneven, I thought that was the problem but the build calls for terraforming. I then said screw the terraforming and moved the house to the sky, in a skydome... and the problem still happens. Grr. I have also tried using different rez boxes and yesterday, I even rezzed a different version of the house, logged on this morning to find it has fallen apart again! Thanks for the suggestions!