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  1. It's wonderful that Linden Labs is increasing the prim count by 33% to allow creators to import mesh with a higher LOD and therefore improve the look...but...what they fail to mention is that uploading with a higher LOD physics shoots the cost of the uploads through the roof! What costs L$11 to upload with Medium physics jumps to over L$40 at the High physics...great way to increase their income through the back door
  2. I am seeing a new "experiences" tab in my parcel info...what is this?
  3. Where can I find the settings to change Maturity levels for MarketPlace
  4. Arthur Reece

    Terrain texture

    How dod I change the terrain texture on 1/2 sim without affecting the other 1/2 sim?
  5. Obviously their "advanced stoneage servers" can't keep up any longer...When are they going to do a major fix?...I've never seen as many "unscheduled maintenance" as in the past year...with the money they're raking in, you'd think they'd pour some back into fixing things that desperately need fixing
  6. I am trying to change the terrain on my land, but I cannot seem to understand the transition between the 1st texture and the final...now matter how I adjust the numbers for Low and High, it doesn't seem to want to work. Where can I get help with this?
  7. I have been billed L$15.00 for "Group Liability"...what is that charge for?...I've never seen it before!
  8. I'd like to post an ad in the classifieds featuring our sim...how/where do I do that?
  9. I am buying a sim from a private seller...the support ticket requires a Transfer Ticket Number...where do I get that so the sale/transfer ticket can be submitted correctly?
  10. if I buy a private island sim now from its current owner, do I need to transfer ownership now or can I allow the paid tier to be used up before transferring ownership and starting to pay the tier myself
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