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    Looking for a house less than 5L small around 512m or less
  2. zaylene

    Gift Cards

    Try ICING, the have gift cards, and very nice dresses: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mischief/122/200/25
  3. zaylene


    I am looking for CHEAP mesh women's hair preferable brown and black less than 75L
  4. I am looking for a popular place where i can drive my car and meet new people. Please give me suggestions (popular places)
  5. zaylene


    I was looking through the stores for intimates but i see no proper ones. I mean that most sets that i liked had nice bra's and stuff but the panties were like strings?! For costumes and stuff it is okay, most people like those, but for intimates there should be panties that cover, not strings on your behind. I had to search for some decent ones for a long time. There were stores that sold panties that cover your whole behind but the were expensive for me. So any suggestions?
  6. I am looking for a cheap pet most preferably a cat or dog which follows me around and does nothing else
  7. looks good, maybe I'll drop in sometime
  8. hey, I am looking for a black tie event around 3-6 am in so time to hang out and enjoy, so if you know and black tie event please inform me thank you
  9. zaylene

    AV not loading

    My Avatar is not loading, i have done what the instructions tell me to do when your AV is not loading, but it is still not working. My AV has been a white cloud for 2 days. Please help
  10. I need a roomate for Ameysth Night. It is a 3 storey apartment and the rent is 75LD for the whole apartment. We can both pay the rent. We can discuss more later http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/97/53/21
  11. zaylene


    if you want to buy land how are you supposed to pay- in virtual money LD or actual money
  12. We are recruiting for our client Fantasy Nights, are you the host/hostess and dj we are looking for? Greetings from FANTASY NIGHTS Club at sandy beach in showing interest in us. Will never disappoint anyone, and will promise you if you have a little bit of talent you can work with us. For other we have training center club to train you and then you can also have a chance to work with us. First of all you job seekers are very lucky, because you are getting a chance of work with "FANTASY NIGHTS". Its ok if you dont hve experience. Contact me in anyway to become a dj and host/hostess Reply back orIM inworld orMessage me in this forum
  13. I think one of the best club is fantasy nights. You can watch dancers, enjoy drinks with your friends. Enjoy with strippers. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prime%20Treasure/216/234/25
  14. zaylene


    When i wear shoes the skin of the leg is differant from the bodies. Please help
  15. zaylene


    Do people actually wear lingeries (bras and panties) under their clothes?
  16. Darn! I wanted to apply but i am only 30 days old
  17. zaylene

    a small house

    I want a small comfy house, does not have to be furnished
  18. zaylene


    how do you give show that someone is your boyfriend?
  19. I am looking for a job. I have been here for a month and I am over 18 please contact me if you have a Job in mind. thanks
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