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  1. No, I have no desire to be part of your dog and pony group "Life Forward", with a whole two members. I consider this a troll and propose Mr Dex be booted or be placed on my ignore list. The Life Forward group is open to anyone that wants to live petter and project a spirit of optimism and joy inthier life. Life Forward is not a religion it is a lifestyle. This anchor number series is already getting old.
  2. I have to take exception to that statement. With an over size brush, you allege that those who disagree with your thoughts and values tend to react in a violent way. That is very far from the truth in any belief. Personally, I have the highest regard for those who sincerely believe and practice what they preach or mentor. I may not agree that there is a higher power that over looks the meaning of life, for I do have my beliefs and principles. For the most part, I disagree with any organized religion, Does that make me a violent person, wanting to hurt or maim any person or organization that goes against what I feel? No it doesn't. Sadly, there are groups in the world today that will react in the most vile and repulsive way against those who don't see the values of their ways of life, foreign and domestic. They show the organizations they belong to as intolerant and unrepentant, though the majority of the organization actually represents over all good and kindness. I am capable of accepting or rejecting what you propose. I accept the majority of what you are trying to convey. I reject your reasoning of cause and effect for those who deny you.
  3. Five pages and it's still being argued. I can only offer this, believing the OP question has been asked and answered.
  4. RLC and SL are two separate animals. Apples to oranges. I had never heard of RLC until the OP posted about it. A quick Google brings me to a VW that just offers ONE thing: SEX. Pixel to pixel magic. There is an Amsterdam here at SL. Why would I want to go and start a new avatar at a site I never heard of when I can get just that and more here? There are wonderful folk here at SL that offer much more than a quick romp on some pose balls. I've seen some educated answers here. I can only think of the answers one would find there. Leave SL like it is now. People will gravitate to those they want to know. It shouldn't require a membership charge unless the person wants it.
  5. my.secondlife.com has been having problems of late. That could be part of your deleting problem. Be patient.
  6. (emphasis mine) I tried to rejoin a community after spending some serious time there before. I left and wanted to come back. At first the RP was pretty much straight forward "Nice town here" "TY. If you have questions feel free to ask" kind of RP. No paraRPing required. So I come back and, much like you, fill out an application that asked the same type of questions. I responded and was invited for an interview (or I should say "interview"). From the get go, I'm answering their questions ('member, we be RP'ing here now) and to them, I'm not answering to their liking. I'm not describing my movements or immediate area. I tell them that I'm answering the questions, that is what matters. Nope, not to them. They want everything described (what I had for lunch was probably on the list, I dodged that bullet). I'm thinking "WTF. Are we not RP'ing NOW?" I decided that the time was being wasted and ended the "interview". ParaRPing is fine if that's the type of role one wishes to have. But to some (like me) appreciate the give and take, Spontaneity and flow. Some don't wish to wait two minutes for a paraanswer to the question "did you feed the cat?" . Either you did or didn't. Then go from there. RP is what you make it to be. Exciting and fun or dull and dreadful.
  7. Your comparing Amazon to Second Life? I'm speechless. It's been explained in as much english and clearly as possible. Since you're only been here since March, there is a progressive system in place for new participants. Hit a certain date and volia, you get to break out the major plastic (impress your neighbors and friends!). Until then, go curl up to what ever you can get from Amazon and take your self entitled ass and please, do go elsewhere. BTW, it takes a lot to get a preemptive ban in my regions. You hit it.
  8. During a recent Linden Realms session, I noticed some crystals would not allow me to pick them up. I had noticed this in past playing sessions but figured LL was just laying some bogus crystals to bring the player within reach of the monsters (for lack of a better term). This last session, I went for a purple crystal and noticed I was unable to acquire it. I ran over it about five times with no success and decided to move on, though someone did come along and was able to claim it. I've seen the same while going after other crystals. The purple one got me thinking. What might cause a player to not able to grab a given crystal?
  9. Using Firestorm, (upper left corner) "Avatar">"Choose an avatar". It will allow you to choose between "New Avatar", "Classic", "Vanpires" or "People". You will not lose the inventory that you've already purchased. Choose an avatar you will be most comfortable with and run with it. I'm sure the other viewers have this ability to choose a new avi. You just have to look.
  10. I came upon a user knowledge page updated June 17, 2016 posted by Jeremy Linden explaining what can be used to purchase L$. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/List-of-accepted-payment-methods-by-country/ta-p/2953878 https://www.paysafecard.com/en-us/ One method mentioned was paysafecards. I have never heard of this type of payment system and it appears to be coming under the Skrill banner. My question is has anyone used this type of payment card and are there any positive/negative results? I don't have a major CC and what I did have was a refillable debit that worked fine until I stopped utilizing the service (the card was issued by Citi Bank), If paysafecards can be accepted, this would be a major plus for those who lack a proper CC.
  11. Bree Giffen wrote: Reading official news about Sansar is like visiting a closed Disneyland in a pitch black night with just a small flashlight. Waiing for any possible "Wally World" ref...
  12. Rain? Love hearing it on the roof in the morning. Makes me sleep better. It is just a state of mind too (have some lemonade). RIP Sir George Martin, you helped change Rock music forever.
  13. I am curious to why you are harping on this ratings nonsense. I think your question has been asked and answered. Give it a rest. If you don't care for SL, fine. Go to where you are most comfortable. BTW, Twitch (whom I never heard of before seeing this discussion) banned SL last year. You write like it's a recent thing. https://joyardley.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/why-the-banning-of-second-life-by-twitch-is-nonsense/
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: Hoshi Kenin wrote: You will notice immediately the lack of sympathy and apathetic acceptance of the fact that LL gave up long ago tackling griefers. There is not a great deal of profit in tackling griefing, you see, in fact it is costly; it can actually often involve Lindens having to - gasp - go inworld! LL could, quite easily, make available tools to assist the average resident when griefed. They don't have the desire, it seems. Which should really tell you everything. As for these forums they are haunted by the dispossesed: beings allergic almost to actually getting inworld. The catch all smart alec response to your post to 'ignore and move on', etc, etc you can safely bet they never did themselves when first in SL. Which is maybes why they hang around for hours and hours and hours and hours, and months and years in these forums. Why frolic in a multi colour, amazing virtual world when you all you want is a word processor connected to like minded others? The numbers of posts tells you pretty much all you need to know proportionate to the date of joining SL. I sometimes come here and switch my torch on, but not for long. I mean reading fonts on a screen was wondrous in 1980, but pales when compared to wandering the most boring sims in SL, awash with mesh and all manner of goodies, many for free. BTW, I wonder how Ebbe is doing? He handed a few pairs of ears out to some Lindens when he first arrived (which they looked at strangely as he pointed to the residents and then the ears) but dunno what's been going down of late. That said, glancing through these corridors of the undead I see - gasp - the 'Prok' has surfaced again! At least she hung in there till cleared, unlike the 'Pep' who couldn't wait and had to make many an alias to get his fix. :smileytongue: A Million Avatar March on Linden Lab? I would pay good Linden to see that. Get CNN on the phone. Cooper could do his 360 show from S.F..
  15. Dreds is right. Make a copy of the Slink for each different file you plan to wear (clothes, make-up, gloves, whatever), make the adjustments and save in the new file. So each time you load up that file, the correct settings will follow. I do that with my Slink accessories and have no problems and the original file is safe (in case I screw up and have to start over).
  16. I'm putting together a likeness of a SZYM police car from my town. It involves identical patterns on both sides of the vehicle. I need to create a stencil of one side and reverse it to apply to the other side. Not only would it save some major headache in reproduction, but seems to be the easiest way to go about it.. So I guess my question is: how do I create a stencil in Gimp? EDIT: Thanks Rolig. I'm not too concerned with lettering, but with paint scheme. It involves straight lines and radials. Have always been terrible with creating a radius. Lettering comes last. I'll follow up your suggestions. Thanks again.
  17. There was a network on SL for a few years, that sims could subscribe to and list cheaters that were banned. Other sims would have terminals that the avatar would stand on and a scan would show if this individual was listed. If so, they would (could) be denied entry into the sim to RP. It was all based on "good faith" that the avatar did in fact violate a sim rule (cheating). The list was a guide. Any sim owner could ignore it and admit said avatar. One problem though was getting off of this list. It almost took an act of Congress to get all involved together to sort out why this person was banned and listed. Another problem was abuse. One RP'er I know was banned/listed because she refused to become a slave to the owner, nevermind the sim had nothing to do with slaves. Another had one banned/listed because they asked for an OOC release. Most sims would be ok with that. After all, not all sims are what they appear and the RP'er didn't want to cheat out. They requested the OOC release and was denied. After a few go arounds, the owners OOC'ed the release and banned/listed this person. I don't see a violation of ToS here. I would suggest just chalking it up to experience (and a great story later) and move on. Find another place to hang.
  18. I agree with the previous posters. You probably clicked a link that forced you to give up your password, hence, it's doubtful you were "hacked". Banks get "hacked", the White House and FBI get "hacked". As for the screen grabs, I'm trying to figure what one has to do with the other. You might as well be rear ended on a local street and break out pics of your cat. As for your insistence of being compensated, in your words, " I have a right to get some sort of compensation for your garbage piece of crap security measures"...go ahead and file in your local court system (small claims). It is your right but be real. Lick your wounds, learn from this experience and move on.
  19. Perrie Juran wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Ren Toxx wrote: tako Absent wrote: [...] especially pg stores who sells fitted mesh body [...] While probably in violation of TOS, the nudity rule at those stores is generally given the “look the other way” treatment for very practical reasons.... <snip> And you know this how? For the same reason that underage kids who help their parents load grocery bags into the car aren't usually hit for a "minor in possession" charge when they hold a bag with beer in it. You may be right. But the policies still state: "A region designated General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity. " http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119#Section_.1.2 And on the Market place the "G" rating regarding Nudity for Skin Stores is strictly enforced. The marketplace is absoluty freaky anyway....you get rated A there for no reason at all or suddenly because writing two X in a row is somehow censored. The key word filters for the MP are insane. No doubt about that. Absolutely no doubt! But the listing guidlines are very specific regarding images: General Content Is For All Residents. Avatar goods that may be sexy, but are not sexual, including: Avatars and avatar skins as long as they do not show anatomical nudity. They must not depict genitals or female nipples in either the listing image or the inworld item. Avatar accessories, including sexy clothes and undergarments, as long as they do not expose genitals or female nipples. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#adult-guidelines
  20. I did report it. "Abuse: E:30510 P:1 |*******| (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/******/68/60/62) [Harassment > Defaming individuals or groups] {********} "Impersonating representation as working for the Lindens" I hid the location and the morons name for privacy reasons. It's up to Linden Labs now.
  21. "You have the tools to deal with it, mainly block, eject, ban." Done, done and done did. One poster here mentioned the invisibleness just shows more cowardace on the part of the griefer. I couldn't agree more. I even called him on it and he replies he was he on behalf of the Lindens: "I'm here on a mission from governence linden...that's why you can't see me". That just showed how chickens**t that griefers are and can be. Thanks all for the great answers.
  22. I was about to make myself a little clearer with Karens response, but you nailed it. The name tag was hidden too. My earlier reference to a "tag" was a little off. But hiding it underground sounds reasonable. "full body transparent alpha layer",..an interesting concept, to say the least.
  23. This may come across as a strange question, my apologies. Last evening, an individual comes into a sim I was at, was invisible in the viewer, and causing general discomfort among those who were in the sim. I could see this persons location on my radar, but zooming in, they were not there. Is there a device that can render an avi invisible (including tags)? I have no plans (short or long term) to purchase one, just curious. I would think there is some TOS violation included. I mentioned they were causing discomfort (making defamatory remarks in IM's) to the others present at the time. Yes, I AR'ed and muted.
  24. Very insightful answers. I guess the bottom line is trust your gut feelings. It's all up to the individual. Thanks all for the response.
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