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  1. I've tried buying linden and it fails. All my information is correct and I even called the bank they said its all clear on their end and yes I have money in the account. 

    Upon multiple attempts I've created a series of System_cancel  order history. 

    So my questions are; 

    1) Did it never go through? If so, whats up with it and how can I go about correcting it?

    2) Since I have the mulitple attempts to Linden and it says System_cancel are they still somehow going to charge me for every attempt or is it permenantly closed transaction?

    3) Now that I've made the several attempts  it shows I've reached an exchange limit which I do not fully understand in general, let alone the fact that I haven't recieved or been charged for the L$.

    Help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance. 

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