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  1. I was looking for both. A group sex toy that would blend well into an urban environment
  2. Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.. Any suggestions on an orgy item that would blend into an urban invifornment? Example, park bench, payphone, stool, etc. Price is no object, just the quality of the animations that I am concerned about. Something that transitions smoothly from one pose to the next. If it uses no poseballs then that would be a bonus. Thanks!
  3. I own a small adult place that is set to public. I am looking to add some additional security if possible to prevent people from griefing as traffic increases. Are there security tools that I can buy that will help prevent objects such as hud crashers, particles etc-- then I am willing to pay as long as its not against TOS. I can sometimes be offline for days at a time, so anything to help prevent these issues would be helpful. Or are these tools just used to grief the greifer? Also, are there concequences for allowing "everyone" to use scripts on your land? I assume this would effect people wanting to use their rlv scripted objects such as their collars? (we have rlv enabled toys and traps) How do greifers typically take advantage of land being set to allow scripts? One more thing, height allowance tools? Not here to flame anyone the old child avatar subject. I myself enjoy being a tiny furry sometimes for fun. However what are the rules on banning or ejecting a particular height? I simply have a sign that children are not allowed and we occasionally ban inappropriate age play. Is that enough? Edit: May I also say, I have had a couple of attacks already and the only way to resolve them was to contact the sim owner to fix it.
  4. Are you able to create custom html logos or icons for your profile bio section? For example the "YOU ARE HERE" logo seen in some sl residents accounts. Just wondering if you're able to create your own and the steps and size needed to be successful? Where is sl referencing these icons?
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