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  1. One thing I've found, is taking off ALL tattoo layers will magicly uncloud you most of the time. No idea why it works, putting the tats back on doesn't make me into a cloud again
  2. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/33080152.jpg (Hey if you can't laugh, what can you do?)
  3. I fixed it! It's a weird how it works, but then again this is SL! Go into preferences >graphics >hardware tab. Change the texture memory (doesn't matter to what) and do a relog. When you get back you should be fine, you can change your texture memory back to whatever you had, but I suggest maxing it out.
  4. Oh noes! Bring out the tinfoil hats and hide in area 51! Maybe the Mayans will come back in their rocketship and save us!
  5. I just had a thought, have you had the "rebake region" button popping up before this became an issue?
  6. I have the exact same problem, it's not depth of field. doing a clean reinstall doesn't help. I'm using singularity, but I've tried other viewers with the same results. it's definietly a SL issue. I'm going to try logging in with a different internet connection, I'll post here if it helps
  7. I've done all that, my inventory is fully loaded, swtched viewers, nothing helps
  8. Hey all, So I logged in yesterday and I got this message about my shape, I put on another shape I had and it works fine. I've cleared my cashe and stayed in place for at least 10 mins, no good. My shape won't load. I can see it in my inventory, but I can't wear it. Does anyone have any ideas? I was going to submit a support ticket, but there's nothing to do with inventory in the list of options, anyone? :(
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