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  1. I open up a kiss and hug Hud named HelloMultiTool-v6 Hud and 880 messages came out and that was two days ago and today its up to 2080 messages so how do I get them to stop I get the point by now. I even get them on my Hotmail.com account and everywhere I go on sl here they come my screen is full of them so what do I need to do to get it to stop I already placed the Hud in the trash.
  2. I made a hugh mistake when I asked my question about adding my Panrtner to the new home that came with my new account underMidnightlover4u because I wanted to keep both avatars and move into the home under Jesse in the Batik Region and move all Inventtory that is allowed to the new home and do alway with the old home that came with Midnightlover007 but you took that home away from me ( My Mistake) and now I only have the one i the Rexham Region. So may I keep both Avatars and homes and accounts open please with both Avatars and their homes and how do I add someone who might live with me in the future in to the group I live in ? I rushed to jugdement about my new partner and we want another chance together if it is allowed, Thank you.
  3. I would like to add my new partner Suzanne Brouwer to my Region and home and take what Inventory I'm allowed to take once I delete my old account and Avatar. I live in the Rexham Region and wish to move into my Batik Region home named Jesse and remove all belonging from the Rexham home. Thank you !
  4. I made a mistake when removing some files from my pc and sl setup was one of them because I had to many and after restarting my pc sl started to download or upgrade but when I logged into sl I lost the shape of my body and all I see now is a white egg on the floor what should I do ?
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