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  1. Ironically, Twitch now has a Transgender person named Steph Loehr, also known as FerociouslySteph, who identifies as a Deer, in charge of Twitch censorship. Videos of Loehr show her explaining how she likes to "prance around and eat grass," as well as having a "deergasm." "I have power, they can't take it away from me," bragged Steph Loehr Yet another example of Tech hypocrisy in action...
  2. The goal of making Avatars more ‘human,’ by providing them more natural and precise articulation and facial gestures makes sense, but what’s the long term goal? Are these enhancements solely for the benefit of static photographers who show their work on niche websites? What I fail to see ‘articulated’ by Linden Lab is how these enhancements fit in with the overall Road Map for current generation (SL) and next generation (Sansar) Virtual Worlds. Does a public Road Map exist? If so, where can I find it? For Ten Years, I have had a vision of using Virtual Worlds like Second Life to generate Marketing Content for Physical World consumption. Thus far, Linden Lab has Failed to provide the tools, including a ‘Reseller Channel’ or the Copyright Management & Licensing options necessary to do that. So the ‘Dolls’ have more poses. Big Deal. Show me a way to monetize it, with a seamless migration path to Sansar, and I’ll be interested.
  3. SUGGESTION - Create a List of Available Experiences and Detailed Descriptions Note: If this list already exists, I've not been able to find it. Concept: A 'Destination Guide' / 'Marketplace' -like Database of Experiences that can be added to a Parcel / Region and/or participated in. Details: Searchable by Experience Type (Pose, Tour, Gaming, RP, etc.) Maturity Rating, Public/Private, User Ratings, etc.
  4. When we log in, we are frequently 'greeted' by a MoTD (Message of The Day). Today, that message was: "Windlight Art Gallery's Summer Art Show is running August 12 - 20..." The latest relevant information I could find on the Wiki is HERE and dated 2010! A search of the Official LL 'Knowledge Base' for MoTD or 'Message of The Day' returns ZERO results. Here are my specific questions: Who / What generates the MoTD messages that come from 'Second Life?'How is the content of Message of The Day messages selected?Is the type of MoTD message I received today (See Above) a 'PAID' Insertion?If this message is a 'Paid Insertion,' why isn't it identified as such?If this message is a 'Paid Insertion,' where do advertisers go to find out how to purchase this type of SL Advert?If this message is NOT a 'Paid Insertion,' why is LL promoting one Business over other similar Businesses?END: Thanks in Advance for any Answers / Insights...
  5. Uninstall Now! Multiple Threats + NO FUTURE Fixes make QuickTime on Windows Machines a Ticking Time Bomb! Linden Lab has stated they are moving away from QuickTime and towards HTML 5. However, I have not seen a public Migration Roadmap, Deadline or Concerted Effort to Communicate (Big Surprise) with and assist Creators / Vendors of Audio Vidsual (AV) Devices that use QuickTime with the migration process.
  6. Freya, your statement "It's perfectly fitting that they show the 'ultimate' of possibliity.' Seemed to address what I was trying to focus on, which was the Quality and 'Life-like' Appearance of Dr. Phil's Avatar. What happens when people come in-world and expect to be able to duplicate their 1st Life appearance at a reasonable cost? Heck, I can't even find a creator who is able and/or willing to do a completely custom avatar or even hair for that matter. In 1st Life one of the #1 Rules for Business is: Under-promise and Over-deliver! I didn't see anything in your comment that convinces me 'Unreasonable Expectations for New Users' weren't set.
  7. On July 14th Popular TV 'Psychologist' Dr. Phil used a Custom Avatar in Second Life, to illustrate how far Video 'Game' technology had progressed. This event was even 'advertised' in the Featured News section of the Second Life Blog. The segment did a decent job of highlighting some of the many (G-rated) activities that avatars could participate in. The 'best' part of the segment was Dr. Phil himself looked... well, he looked Just Like Himself in 1st Life! A couple of years ago, I spent about $500 US for someone to create an avatar that looked like me in 1st Life, hoping to use it to shoot Promotional Machinima, to be featured on 1st Life web properties. The quality of the resulting avatar was dissappointing and I abandoned the idea. So here's the Question: Did Recent Dr. Phil Episode Featuring a Custom Avatar in Second Life set Unreasonable Expectations for New Users?
  8. It's another unfortunate feature omission by LL. Honestly, I have ZERO reservation about using 'other' means to download IP I legitimately own, such as the pictures I've taken. If LL was truly concerned for the welfare of users, they would not hide behind IP concerns and would provide people with a way to back up all of their pictures or even synchronize them with a service like Picasa.
  9. Fantastic news! Now, we need two more things to make this news truly extraordinary: > Firestorm Support > Creators to start using the phrase 100% Fitted Mesh in their descriptions on Marketplace, to make these items easy to find!
  10. I've had a "You Have One Snapshot Being Processed" message on my http://my.secondlife.com profile for awhile. The "Dismiss" button does nothing, that I can tell. Please advise on how to permanently get rid of this message.
  11. I've had a "You Have One Snapshot Being Processed" message on my http://my.secondlife.com profile for awhile. The "Dismiss" button does nothing, that I can tell. Please advise on how to permanently get rid of this message.
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