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  1. The goal of making Avatars more ‘human,’ by providing them more natural and precise articulation and facial gestures makes sense, but what’s the long term goal? Are these enhancements solely for the benefit of static photographers who show their work on niche websites? What I fail to see ‘articulated’ by Linden Lab is how these enhancements fit in with the overall Road Map for current generation (SL) and next generation (Sansar) Virtual Worlds. Does a public Road Map exist? If so, where can I find it? For Ten Years, I have had a vision of using Virtual Worlds like Second Life to generate Mar
  2. It's another unfortunate feature omission by LL. Honestly, I have ZERO reservation about using 'other' means to download IP I legitimately own, such as the pictures I've taken. If LL was truly concerned for the welfare of users, they would not hide behind IP concerns and would provide people with a way to back up all of their pictures or even synchronize them with a service like Picasa.
  3. Fantastic news! Now, we need two more things to make this news truly extraordinary: > Firestorm Support > Creators to start using the phrase 100% Fitted Mesh in their descriptions on Marketplace, to make these items easy to find!
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