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  1. I'm not keen on this look. I'm told it may be this one, except I'm not sitting. BUG-228227 Avatar face darkens when sitting on an object
  2. Hi to you too! I'm not sure how you managed this. Ignore is ignore. Script Dialog Ignore button For anything you've managed to block, you'll need to unblock it using the Comm Menu - Block List. I can't think off hand of a setting that might cause this, but search Preferences for: block and see what you come up with. Otherwise you may need to reset your viewer settings. You can double check with Support in the inworld group (viewer Help Menu - Join Firestorm Support).
  3. The beta grid? I had no troubles logging into the beta grid. Did you notice this thread was from July and it's now almost the end of October? Did you perhaps mean the main grid? Second Life Grid Status
  4. You who? 😉 BUG-227761 Applying skin texture incomplete on certain regions/server 531529
  5. I can reproduce the texture issue at Tsuchinoko which is Second Life Server 2019-10-03T01:23:43.531529 I can't reproduce it at Second Life Server 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528 For the animation problem you're having, perhaps try resetting your skeleton/animations. They seem fine for me. Well no, not exactly. Scripts are written, and can also be rewritten.
  6. Welcome to Second Life, gamer. Good to know. So you'd be looking for things that changed within the past 4 weeks when things weren't terrible. That might help to narrow the focus. On the other hand, you might try the viewer support forum for some troubleshooting suggestions. 🙂
  7. Caleb left a brief note on last week's thread. I gather while they were still working out what all was going to take place with the RCs. I know this because I follow updates, so had a message in my email. Is that something you might find helpful too? follow option
  8. It was mentioned at one of the meetings I attended last week that illness had been making the rounds. I don't recall asking for more specific details as offices can be icky environments at times. 🤧
  9. That's lovely! I had a fantastic experience with Guy Linden a couple of weeks ago, after a land purchase went south. The sim state didn't save before the region rolled, thus wiping out my purchase. Guy showed up within minutes and helped to get it sorted out, and gave me some excellent advice. He was trying to look like Santa Claus. Flying, but without the aid of a sleigh and reindeer, so I wasn't completely fooled. Boy, was the land vendor impressed though. For a few minutes I felt like part of the FIC, then I woke up and remembered it's SL Support!
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