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  1. I'm a nurse today LOL. Only because it's a future release I'm working on.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! But neither of these hairs are from Ayashi. I've been through the entire store. >w<;
  3. Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone can help me out? I've asked the wearers of these hairs but both of them didn't get back to me. Even tried messaging while online -- I guess they jsut don''t want to share. So, here I am! Here are photos of the hairs I am searching for, thank you! EDIT: I found the first braids, but the bangs are different -- so I still need help!)  
  4. Hello, thanks for looking!~ I've sent the photographer a notecard asking where she got this hair, but I haven't heard from them and it's been a few days, so I'm hoping the community can help me out in the meantime -- just in case I never hear back from them!~ It's really appreciated. ^^ 
  5. My own paypal account is inaccessable due to it being hacked. My mother offered to let me use her paypal account for my Second Life Linden to USD transfer. Is this allowed?
  6. Thanks so much guys! I found it, and bought fat pack 1 and 2. God, I love/hate gacha. ;
  7. The Crack Den - This is present-day city life RP, but it is a very grungy style. Probably not reccommended if you want a 100% perfectly safe and happy life. Soap - I haven't been here in a while, but it seems pretty laid-back. This is also a modern city RP. PRetty grungy, but not as violent as CD. Sunny Dale - This is a family-friendly RP. so if you want PG and 100% happy all-the-time, go here. Giano Estates - Pretty much the same as Sunny Dale, but with multiple sims to explore.
  8. I've been going mad tyring to find this hair! I've tried asking the person who made the photo and I went ignored. Please help me out, guys!~
  9. Harro everynyan! a friend of mine is searching for a specific hairstyle, so I thought I'd help out by coming to you guys. Has anyone seen this hair? If so, where can we find it?! Thanks!
  10. When I try to log on today,, I get the message "Unable to connect to a simulator" but it's jsut this account specifically. None of my friends have toruble logging on, even trying to connect to the same region. another thing is that when I check my account, it shows that EVERYONE on my firends list is offline, when they are not. Please help, thanks!
  11. I'd love a custom mesh head made, preferably done by someone who is great at capturing the facial features off of a visual example; and would be exclusivly for my own use.
  12. My avatars vary. But my main is my age and height (5 foot 3 inches) so I often get mistaken as a child avatar since I use real life measurements and not SL's giant ones.
  13. The ones on the left~ Are there any similar to those, as well? http://25.media.tumblr.com/64315521b7336f709fb064f189597bc4/tumblr_mfewtyRHXS1r7wzuso1_1280.jpg
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