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  1. If my memory serves correctly, the medieval/fantasy roleplay sim Zolio has a castle which takes on servants. You might want to check the sim out. The medieval/fantasy roleplay sim Arborea has a castle in the City of Farah, where you could apply to work as a servant/staff. However, the sim is rated Adult due to certain things within it, so be aware of that.
  2. If you are comfortable with going into sims full of newbies, you can go into Search and type 'newbie,' and see what pops up...then you can head over to one of the sims which appear in Search and help out any of the newbies there.
  3. You can get free hair of your choice [of style and color] at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Faces/124/30/271 if you are still under 30 days old. At the store JStyle, if you join their group (the group is free to join), you can pick out high-quality skins of your choice; there are usually up to 5 free each day (with outfits usually free), and every other day the free skins are rotated so that skins that had cost Lindens are free, and what had been free cost Lindens. Each skin comes with a modifiable shape. This is their current location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liberation/28/250/380
  4. JStyle has male and female skins -- many, many of them -- between L$0 (group gifts [the group is free to join]) and L$80, and they are very good. I got my skin from there (you can see it in my badge) and, from what I could see, the female skins are all excellent also. They rotate the skins so there are different free skins every other day - so basically all the skins are free at some point or another. The skins come with modifiable shapes. Pick up some of the currently-free skins and shapes there, and try them on; you might get several that you like. And if you do not like them, you can just
  5. When I first joined SL in 2006, I never organized my inventory. I learned that that was a very poor decision. When I created my new account, I organized everything on the first day. I add/move/alter a folder whenever need be, but otherwise, my inventory is kept very neat - as soon as I get a new item, I put it where it belongs so I do not have to deal with it later. The result is an organized, uncluttered inventory where I know where everything is, when I need it.
  6. Thank you, all. And, in response to Krystara - I chose 'Demosthaenes' after the ancient Greek philosopher Demosthenes, but I know of Valentine going under the pseudonym of Demosthenes. :robotvery-happy:
  7. I have been roleplaying since 2006, but I have never become involved in Gor. The only things I know about it are stereotypes, but lately I have been hearing more about it which piques my interest. Some, however, are conflicting messages. Where can I learn more accurate information about SLGor? I have heard that SLGor is different from the books. I was thinking about being a kajirus, but then I was told that men playing such a part are supposed to be -quote- "wimpy and feminine" -unquote-, which I do not wish to be. Where can I learn more about this? And where (besides PeKaS Designs a
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