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  1. Hey everyone! CFNM Living Group is looking for a Marketing Manager! CFNM Living Group is looking to hire a marketing manager to help with the impending launch of our new sim resort. We're an Adult-themed resort obviously with a CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) theme. We're looking for a motivated individual who can return the very best results from a set marketing budget, whilst keeping to the core principles and aspirations of the group. Knowledge of marketing within the SL world, and on the forums, blogs and group notices is preferred. Salary is negotiable, and will be paid every Thursday.
  2. Hey everyone! I am really pleased to announce the upcoming opening of a brand new CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) destination. It is a full sim development, and we've gone to great pains to create as an immersive and complete atmosphere as we can! Unsure what CFNM is? Click here! What's the buzz? We want you to be able to truly live the CFNM lifestyle - and we want everything to be available you in one location! We've got a club, beach, shops, forests, party pool, and a few hidden areas like the underground caves and clifftop forest footpaths! We've also got great games and activities s
  3. Hey there, of course you can! I really should have put that into the post hehe CFNM means Clothed Female, Naked Male. Basically it's where the guys are not allowed to wear clothes around the clothed ladies. Hope this helps! CFNMSL Resident
  4. Hey everyone! First off, I hope that I am posting this in the right forum - if not I apologise in advance! :) I originally posted about this about 18 months to 2 years ago - I really must apologise to all who took the time to give me feedback and ideas. I am sorry that I could not see the idea through at the time, I got ill in RL and required quite some time in hospital. I hope you understand that I have not forgotton about you! In the time I have been away, I have put a lot more thought and effort into formulating what CFNM Living should really be about. I've also released an updated and m
  5. Hey guys! Thanks for all the amazing feedback - it's really great to know that there are so many people interested in CFNM! Pretty soon our sim will be ready. We anticipate there will be 4 residential plots available for permanant residents of the estate. If you're interested in securing a place, please IM me to discuss! We'll also be adding a CFNM Wrestling arena/group, as well as a small shopping precinct! Hurry! First come first served! Aurora x
  6. Hey everyone :) Just wondering if there is a big demand for a new CFNM sim (Clothed Female, Naked Male)? I am really into this scene in RL and would love to bring it into SL for others to share in and enjoy. To help me guage wether or not it'll even be worth building, I've creared a really quick online survey, which is completely anonymous. If you would take the survey I would really appreciate it! CFNM Survey What would you expect / like to see included in a CFNM sim? I'd really like to make this sim as interesting and enjoyable for as many people as possible, so please - all feedback
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