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  1. Marketplace support person fixed it last night. According to the ticket time, only a few minutes after I'd changed it over to them.
  2. My support ticket came back with the response that I need to have a premium account to file the kind of support ticket I had filed. Trying again as a 'marketplace ticket' and as a Jira-report (I thought those didn't exist anymore, but the response said to file one and the link worked)...
  3. Did so. Thank you. Now the wait... At least I have a LOT of landmarks and my alt can still search and shop. Only category I could find was 'account compromised' though. Seems none of the categories are for 'help, something isn't working right'.
  4. Sadly that didn't work. I tried clearing cache, and deleting all the folders for chat logs as well. It was already set to use my browser and not Sls so I tried switching back and forth a few times. I also can no longer view adult on marketplace.secondlife.com, even when using a browser on a different computer... But I can go to adult places just fine.
  5. Despite having my filters set up, despite living on zindra, and despite having been able to do this before, I seem to have lost the ability to search 'adult'. I can even enter parcels that are labeled as 'requires adult verification'. But I cannot search for them, or search for 'adult' in marketplace. Anyone have this and know if it is
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