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  1. Hiyas, I've 'Googled' and wiki'd till the cows come home . . . maybe it's just me? When I hit the 'F9' key, my avatar does this stupid little (quick) dance move and I want it to stop. I don't recall EVER setting this up and I'm at a loss as to where to go to find this move and delete it. I've already checked the key.xlm file and it's not in there. Any help is appreciated in advance. Thanks! That did it! Thank yoiu :) p.s. My avatar is >10 years old and my inventory is in a constant state of 'out with the old'!
  2. Hello, I created a premium account and bought linden dollars on the website. Logged into second life viewer and my avatar has $0 balance. Rechecked that the payment went through, affirmative. Logged out, rebooted, logged back in. My avatar still showing $0 balance. -ALSO- Selected the home given to premium members. Logged in with avatar, and cannot use the control panel as "only home owners are authorized..." um, hello? That'd be me. Went into settings, made sure cookies are enabled. Lost and confused here. Help... Thanks in advance. ~
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