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  1. Hi Chosen Few, My image resolution is 391x387 Pixels (WxH) with 72 DPI, you mean power of two on each axis is 8x8 then 16x16 then 32x32 so on...? aIso I just upload my image as local because if I'm going to upload it to the server SL will ask me to pay L$10 for the upload. I also noticed that when I upload my 391x387 Pixels Image I can the size info of the image in Pick:Texture Window that the size is 256x256 Pixels maybe this is the one also you're saying SL will force the image to resize.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm finished working with my HUD's functionality now it's time for me to put some life to it. I designed my UI in photoshop for my HUD I tried to upload the whole UI as 1 texture to see how will looks like if its already in Second Life. I noticed that the image I uploaded is blurry and even adjusting the size of my HUD (big or small) it always output a blurry image. Is there any solution for this or maybe I need to create my images more High-Res? -Thanks
  3. Thanks Innula for giving me an idea, I mixed all your suggestions in this thread and come up in an idea, because this HUD is temporary, I decided to do a little trick where in the attached HUD is not really detaching itself. - When the wearer changed region I'll set a timer what Rolig said, as my first way of getting rid with the attached HUD, when the timer event triggered I'll make the HUD transparent and off-screen so even its invisible it will not block the screen of the user. - Second is using llTakeControls if the user moves the HUD it will automatically make transparent and off-screen. These are my ideas getting rid with the right-click bug (if is it a bug) and to overcome the "scripts not allowed" and "building/dropping objects not allowed". I think the "building/dropping objects not allowed" also affects the detachment of the HUD. ~ Thanks Guys!
  4. Thanks Rolig, I tried your script and it works, only if the region where I teleported must allow scripts and building/dropping objects. example of that is... if I teleport to a region with limitations below it will not work:
  5. Hi Qie, You got a point using llGetOwner() and thanks for pointing that, below is my script, before I'm using the variable "id" this is what I understand declaring global variables (correct me if I'm wrong), first the touch event will detect the key who touches the object this is where I store the UUID to the variable "id", so that I can use it again in changed event. Now I revised the script with llGetOwner() in changed event below: integer is_teleported = 0; key id; // NO LONGER USE default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(0), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } run_time_permissions(integer permission) { if(permission & PERMISSION_ATTACH) { if(is_teleported == 0) { llAttachToAvatarTemp(ATTACH_HUD_CENTER_1); } else if(is_teleported == 1) { llOwnerSay("Is Teleported!"); llDetachFromAvatar(); } } } changed(integer change) { if(change & CHANGED_REGION) { is_teleported = 1; llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } } The problem is it doesn't detach itself even teleported into a place where scripts and object dropping is allowed. I know the script above works accordingly, because I noticed when teleported into a region that scripts and object dropping is allowed. I right click the HUD to detach but upon right clicking without even clicking yet the "detach" menu, it detach itself. That means the llDetachFromAvatar() is triggered or this is some sort of bug?
  6. Hi Guy's, I'm trying to detach object when I teleported to other regions in order to achieve that I used changed event, but the llDetectedKey() seems not working and I noticed the value of my global variables I assigned before teleporting also been removed. Is the script reset itself? I didn't put a an reset code on my script. or there's another way to detach the attachment object. what if the parcel you telerported is "script not allowed" and "building/dropping objects" enabled. - Thanks! :matte-motes-smile:
  7. Hi Guys, Which function is the suitable for displaying information about the land that we are selling, and if we are selling a land what all the necessary information I need to display about the land that will be useful to all the visitors interested to buy the land? I'm totally new in Second Life so I started to be confused when I tried to use llGetParcelDetails and suddenly It output the parcel name, ofcourse what output am I expecting LOL. This is the first time I noticed about Land Heirarchy, Based on my research parcel is part of the region (16 square meter) and region is part of the estate (65,536 square meter, the basic building block) correct me if I'm wrong. That's why I'm thinking what I really need to display is the region information and not the parcel. Thanks!
  8. So its impossible i guess, thanks! :matte-motes-smile:
  9. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if an object can cancel its own request permission? or remove the request permission notification window at the top right side of the screen? so that if the object suddenly die while asking for request permission we can remove the notification window or cancel the request before the object dies. Well the catch here is when the object requesting permission died or deleted the request permission window still visible but even you select "Yes" or "No" it will not throw any error, that's just fine but its not a good way of handling it, the user will think this is a bug. or they will treated it as a bug.
  10. I think we're working the same thing where all the ideas came from the Realms and some similarities in terms of how we do it, what makes it difference I think is the way passing the UUID. What I did is when the avatar collided to that invisible phantom object (let's call it Rezzer Object) it rezzes a HUD. The rezzer object create a random negative channel and used it as the last parameter of the llRezObject so that the when the HUD its on_rez event it will listen to that channel. once the HUD is rezzed the rezzer object will send a message to that channel, the message contains the "Avatar ID (the collided avatar)", then the rezzed HUD will pickup that message and the message will be converted into Key ID so that the rezzed HUD knows what avatar it belongs and who will ask permission to attach. to avoid those rezzed object to stay longer in the ground i put a time limit of asking permission, if the avatar denied the request the rezzed HUD will be deleted or if the avatar don't give it's attention to that dialog box in the given time the rezzed HUD will be deleted also. But still working on it for more improvement. That's how I did because there's no way to make it Auto-Attachment like the Linden Realms. Now my next plan is to detach the attached HUD from the avatar if the avatar teleport to the other land. llAttachToAvatarTemp will do the detaching thing when the avatar is disconnected or detach the HUD but not when teleported to the other land. I got an idea using changed event if the avatar teleported in will detach the HUD, the problem I see to it is what if the next land that the avatar teleported is "script not allowed"?, I thinking also a way if we can detach it before the avatar's actual teleportation what I'm thinking is not quite possible i guess.
  11. I did all the steps you mentioned and it works well, there's another 1 more thing I need to do when the avatar already wears the attachment HUD it should not be given again another HUD. Example if the avatar passes again the object who rezzes HUD the avatar should be check first if the HUD is already attached so that the object will not rez again another HUD for that avatar. Is that possible to detect the attached HUD? Thanks!
  12. Great thanks got it. :matte-motes-smile:
  13. A Little bit confusing to me of how can I hand over the UUID to the rez HUD, I don't know if I'm just making things complicated. Here's the scenario: - The avatar collided (example event) with the object. - The object detected the collision then it will Rez the HUD in its Inventory - The Rezzed HUD will will ask permission to attach to that avatar. Question is: Can the object pass the UUID of the collided avatar to the Rezzed HUD so that the HUD will ask for permission only to that avatar? So that we can avoid the Rezzed HUD to ask permission to the first random detected avatar.
  14. What if there are more than 1 avatars detected at the same time then we Rez a HUD, do we need to Rez multiple HUD? and if so, how can the HUD determine which 1 of the avatars it belongs? Sorry I got too many questions. :matte-motes-wink:
  15. Now I see it, Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I think the Auto-Attach things is not yet available for development maybe.
  16. Hi Guys, Is it possible to distribute the same HUD for every avatar visiting the Land? I created an Object and I used llAttachToAvatarTemp for it. I wonder it can be done in an object or by land. The idea is like from the Linden Realms Game, When you entered the portal you will be given a HUD, ofcoure the difference in what I'm doing is it must ask for permission. because its impossible to attach the HUD automatically without asking permission.
  17. Hi Guys, I want to create an object when it touch and given granted to attach it will duplicate itself and the duplicate will be given to the avatar as temporary attachment. Example of the is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udqUIxSkvoo, the avatar the touched the panda, the panda duplicate itself. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the information guys, so for now we cannot use the features used in Linden Realms Game? I tried llAttachToAvatarTemp I noticed when using this the drop menu is disabled. Using sensor is a good idea but what if there are multiple avatars visiting the land where you want to attach the same HUD to every avatar visit the land. I was thinking if replicating the object is possible? so that you only got one object in the land if the object detected an avatar it will ask permission to attach, if the permission is granted the object will duplicate itself to attach it in the avatar. So really the idea is to distribute the same HUD to all avatars visiting the land.
  19. Hi Guys, Need some suggestions about HUD, I need to create a HUD that will automatically attach when an avatar enters a land and also without asking permission to attach. The idea came from the Linden Realms Game when I entered the portal a HUD will automatically attach to me. I think it's a Temp HUD it will not store in your inventory. I tried llAttachToAvatar but when the other avatar tried to attach it, it throws an error to the owner "Script trying to attach to someone other than owner!". But when I tried llAttachToAvatarTemp it works. with the exception that the object will not create new inventory for the user, and will disappear on detach or disconnect. Thanks!
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