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  1. Thanks Guys for the useful informations.
  2. Hi Guys, If you sell or gave an Object to other agents, is it possible that object can check for update and update itself. if I updated the same Object I got? A concept of a app. where the user's app can check for new updates and updates itself. ~Thanks!
  3. What if the scanner script send 5 agents to the helper script? That will cause 25 seconds to process but after 5 seconds the scanner will sends another agent how can I handle those new batch of agents? we're not saying there will be new agents arrives within 5 second but still we need to intimidate all the possible scenarios. Is this where the multiple helpers come out?
  4. Innula you mean helper, pass those agent to a seperate script that will manage the ejecting of agents? Separate script for scanner and separate script for eject?. Qie is it cleaver if after 5 seconds I'll stop the interval after the timer event is finish i'll call again the interval. It's like finish the process before firing again the next countdown.
  5. That is clear now even you put 4 seconds delay the interval continues. 1 more thing this means also while the timer event still processing and the interval triggers again the timer event, does it conflict with the first process? Because I'm going to use it on my Security Orb that scans the area every 5 seconds and process all those agents.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm wondering about how the Time works in LSL. This is important thing that I must know so that I can put a proper interval in my script. e.g. If I set llSetTimerEvent to 5 seconds, where it means it triggers the time event every 5 seconds. Is the llSetTimerEvent will continue the countdown back to 5 seconds while your script in time event currently executing? or llSetTimerEvent will continue the countdown after the after the time event is finished? ~Thanks!
  7. Hi Guys, What are the different method in determining lags? Sim Lag? Traffic? if Object script is laggy? How can we tell the range if it is laggy. Can you give me an headstart about it? That way I can avoid developing a laggy script.
  8. Oh my I guess I need to reveiw more functions in wiki I never thought there's a function like this. I made up multiple lines just to achieve this but it's easy like 1 2 3 using llVectDist. ~Thanks appreciated.
  9. Innula I follow your suggestions checking distance, what is the x position is match in the range but the y position is not? what i mean is how to check it diagonally?
  10. Thank you Innula you got it. That makes sense now to me by checking the distance of the object and the agent.
  11. Can you tell me guys how the SWA Security Orb and other orbs increase the range of there detection to 4096? if these orbs used sensor how can they manage to extend the range from maximum of 96.0 range to 4096? if not using range, how they do it?
  12. Yes I use 4 modes of detection: Region, Parcel, Sim-Wide and optionally they can set range by meter, if they only want to protect a certain part of the parcel.
  13. Hi Guys sorry not sure if this is duplicate post where it's detecting agent topic also: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/Detect-All-Agents-In-Multiple-Parcels/m-p/1776211/highlight/false#M14841 I look for some Security Orb System in Marketplace I saw that there's a certain feature using meter range. how other Security Orb System do the detection range expand higher where the sensor can only reach a limit of 96.0 meters? I'm thinking are rezzing child objects to extend the sensor range? or there's other way of maximizing the detection range?
  14. Not really, But you give me an hint. The object must also owned by the land owner to do that I guess. I'm trying to make an object where I want to remove the objects of the other agents in a parcel. As part of security measure where a clever agent will try to rez lots of objects that will cause lag.
  15. Now I got It, In other words AGENT_LIST_PARCEL_OWNER detects all the agents in parcels with the same owner where the object is in? sorry for being slow that I've been confused with the description of AGENT_LIST_PARCEL_OWNER. ~Thanks Guys Problem Solved!
  16. Sorry Innula I forgot to mention iI only got one object that needs to scan all those parcels. If my object is only in a single parcel how can I possible to scan the others using llGetAgentList?
  17. Hi Guys, is there a way in LSL that I can remove rezzed objects by other agents on land that I owned? ~Thanks!
  18. Hi Guys can you give me an idea how to detect all agents in multiple parcels the owned by one person in a single region?, this is the one they call Sim Wide? ~Thanks!
  19. That means that's the only way to execute a script. it must be rez first, Do you think there's alternative way to do it? Can we give the agent an attachment from nowhere? Our management doesn't want our HUDs to be rez on the ground it must be directly give to the avatar. but rezzing is part of the key method to achieve what I'm doing?
  20. Hi Guys, since objects on a parcel affects the prim counts and temp rez maximum limit depends on the prim counts (correct me if I'm wrong), and my object will rez an objects depends on how many agents in the parcel. The problem is I don't want to affect the prim counts by rezzing multiple objects. Is there a possible way to request permission the object without rezzing it first from the ground? ~ Thanks!
  21. Got It Guys Thank you for all your suggestions. :matte-motes-smile:
  22. e.g. If I ping 5 channels for attachment, I want to tell my script that it will only proceed the execution after listening to those channel for possible response to HUDs. Or shall I say after I collected all the ping response which is the UUID of the wearer then I'll proceed to my next process comparing those UUIDs to all detected agents. A simplified example script: touch_start(integer total_number) { listener = llListen(-123456, "", "", ""); // listen here for hud response llRegionSay(-100000, "PING"); // ping huds for in this channel llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(agents_with_hud, "\n")); // display UUIDs of all the agents with attachment } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { agents_with_hud += (key) message; // list of UUIDs from hud response } the red text is the problem there where in it will return empty even there are response from that channel because I think the listen event will trigger only after the current event which is the touch_start. or shall I say no multiple events can be triggered at the same time in a single script (correct me if I'm wrong). Is there any suggestion you can give me guys? ~Thanks
  23. Hi Guys need some suggestions, an object is detecting all agents in a parcel every 5 seconds then the I need to check all the agents one by one if its currently wearing the attachment that I gave. The idea is don't give the agent another same attachment if he/she already wearing that attachment and vice-versa give them the attachment is the agent is not wearing that specific attachment. Now I was thinking to detect all the attachment name of an agent, is that possible? ~Thanks
  24. Thanks for the useful information chosen, Oh sorry what I mean here is: I also noticed that when I upload my 391x387 Pixels Image I can the size info of the image in Pick:Texture Window that the size is 256x256 Pixels maybe this is the one also you're saying SL will force the image to resize. SL will stretch an image that is not in a appropriate size to a nearest power of two. it force the image to be a 256x256.
  25. Hi Indigo, 512x256 will work? or it always 256x256, 512x512, and so on... I got an image 512x128 Pixels (WxH) and implement it in a Prim with a size meter of 0.500x0.125 Meters (YxZ). Well Its not so blurry but by looking it not satisfied. I set my Second Life settings into minimum because it crashes my video card. Is this also affects the rendering of the image? if the setting of your Second Life is in minimum graphics or in very low settings? - Thanks
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