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  1. Hi guys, I know I got a topic before that suddenly involves about Teleport Home function script sleep. For my best knowledge this is different from the previous topic. If you want to eject 100 avatars at the same time in your region (this is only a scenario) if I loop those 100 avatars Teleport them 1 by 1 including that 5.0 seconds script sleep. if there are 100 avatars it will consume that 500 seconds. My first idea not that wise I guess is separate a script for the Teleport home. But to accomodate all those 100 avatars TPing them all at once I need to create 100 scripts for teleport home. each 1 holds 1 avatar. I know its not a good way to do it. If you guys got a better idea I will be happy to apply it :)
  2. Or maybe I can just straight forward check if the object owner is null key right?
  3. Yes I noticed that also when I deede the object I get a Null Key for the Object owner, I guess I can change that with llGetOwner().
  4. Thanks Innula this one helps the logic Rolig posted can identify if the land is "deeded to a group" or just "set to a group" same thing I can do with the object if its deeded or just set to.
  5. Not sure if just me or what that I feel when it comes to group related scripting I feel that I can only do limited things to it. Example I want to identify if the the group is "deeded" to a land or object or its just "set to" only, Identify group name or key the group key, and this one which is detect avatar if is a owner or member of a group.
  6. Hi guys, is there a way to check if the toucher is an owner or member of a group? :)
  7. Hi guys is there a way we can identify the avatar home? what if I dont want the avatar in my parcel an I used the teleport home function but what if that avatar set that parcel as the home location? Thanks
  8. Hi guys sorry not sure if this is the right section to post this. I'm having a problem connecting to SL is this a result a poor connection?
  9. Hi Guys, How do you check object is already exists in the parcel? Example If I already rezzed a Tree object in that parcel, then I will rez another one that second Tree will be destroy because there is already a same tree exists. Or in short explanation That 1 object is for 1 parcel only. Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys, in wiki we can use llHTTPRequest's maximum content of 16384 bytes? same way in http_response? I just want it to transport and store huge data to the external database. And also I want to make sure that I can use 16384 bytes without having a problem. Consider it I'm creating a Add, Delete and Diplay module. - Thanks!
  11. Hi guys is there a way that we can update a notecard content via LSL? -Thanks!
  12. Still confusing regarding memory, alright here's a one scenario: I got 2 buttons that add and remove agent name from a list variable lets call it "guests", I add and remove via textbox. If I add agent name my list will be updated with the new agent name, in that case the memory allocation will be reduce. and if I remove that agent name from that list the memory allocation will goes up back. in order to test of changes of memory I put a llGetFreeMemory() in touch event to see the changes of memory. Test Result No.1: when adding new agent name it lessen the free memory. Test Result No.2: when removing an agent name from that list the memory doesn't change. Can you give me a clear explanation to it?, remember this is only a scenario. Why I'm doing this is so I can decide what will be the maximum guests I can store in my script. and 1 character is 1 byte right? if i will allow 500 slots for my guests where username is maximum of 63 characters that means 500 username multiply by 63 characters will result to 31500 bytes? correct me if I'm wrong guys because this is only a theory of mine.
  13. Thanks Ela for pointing also the llListFindList() function. For example if Imy list has a value the uses 10KB of memory. Upon execution it creates another copy of 10KB right? But does it affect the script maximum size of 65536 Bytes?
  14. Hi guys I'm developing a script that detects if the agent is using high memory usage. Ofcourse I want to set my memory value that determines the critical level. Can you give me an idea if what's the usual memory usage normal memory usage and too high memory usage? -Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, I'm trying to upload a TGA texture 32-Bit, Alpha. How do you remove the color of the prim? I don't want my transparent portion to be shaded with the prim color. Thanks!
  16. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create an object that display a different texture depends on what data I get. below is only an example that i want to display only the green circle in my object as a texture but the red and yellow circle must not be visible. I got the idea from a CSS technique called sprite. Not sure if that's possible in LSL using only 1 texture. Since i was confuse trying out the Prim texture repeat and offset.
  17. Darkie Yes, I was thinking to put a layer of prim to catch the touch event, But it will be consider as fallback if there's no other way to it. Rolig, got it sorry not good yet with initials in SL that make me confused with MOAP, but it needs to use right-click.
  18. Hi Guys, I'm using the official viewer for development the when we test out on the other viewers we found out that the llSetPrimMediaParams not working in Phoenix Firestorm and V1. Is there a solution for this? - Thanks!
  19. Sorry Rolig, What is MOAP? :matte-motes-big-grin:
  20. It must be left click, and media occupy the whole face of the prim.
  21. Hi Guys is there a way to make the face of the prim with media, touchable (touch event)? - Thanks
  22. Sorry Ron I supposed to be specific on that part, So it's only possible to do it with llSetPrimMediaParams what I see on the land boards from other people.
  23. Because those data must be display on a board. but I was thinking the only way we can display those data with style "Typography" thing is to display them as media viewing the php web page itself.
  24. Hi Guys, What is the best way to retrieve a data from PHP script. before I tried to used a XML-RPC, but I think it's not a good idea. Any suggestions guys? - Thanks!
  25. Hi Guys, Here's the scenario I'm creating a script that accept agent name but the real thing is it saves the UUID not the name. Because I want it User-friendly what is the best way to accept agent name? By the way I'm using Textbox to accept agent name. Since llName2Key is not yet possible and I don't want to rely on libraries the used external database like from Takat Su. I'll implement it to my Security Orb System in adding whitelist and admins and so on. Thanks!
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