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  1. Hi Kimmely

    Welcome, and feel free to IM me inworld, my SL resident name is NishaDoll Resident, and I'm always looking for new peeps to hang with.  I'm pretty laid back and friendly and would love more people to be able to share my SL with, cince I love being here, and have so much fun!!


    Nisha xx

  2. Hi there Elizabeth, I am looking for someone to hang with too, feel free to IM me inworld and we'll have a chat my SL name is NishaDoll Resident

    Hope the move goees well and you get your internet turned back on soon, I know I couldn't live without mine....:)

  3. I'd be up for that definitely it sounds fun and I often wish I had more people to hang with in those quiet moments...would especially love a group of friends that I could do stuff with and enjoy all the best SL has to offer, as to me, that's the most fun part of being inworld, sharing time with others and doing fun stuf:)

    IM me inworlds NishaDoll Resident....

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