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    Hi,Im Dj in sl and i used to know another dj who could tell where everyone in the club came from in the world,someone told me it was his stream that allowed him to do that,but he left sl befor i became a dj so now cant ask him. Any ideas anyone. Ty in advance for any help
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    Thank you Karen for your quick response,but like i said,when it sends login info it sends it to my old email and not the new one thats now on my account info. I have sent in a ticket explaining everything so now just waiting,and for the life of me i cant remember what my old gmail account password is :-(
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    Hi All,have posted this elswhere so you may have seen it before. Though i can get into sl with my main avie,i cant with my alt because i forgot its password. Now the crux of the matter is, since i last used him i have change my email account because of the very same reason cant think of the password,i hardly ever used it anyway so i cant reset password for my alt which i do have user name for. would seem a shame to have to dump him seeing i spent a few thousand on him to make him look preswntable. Any ideas anyone ? HI not sure how to post a reply to KarenMichelle Lane's answer,so trying here. Ty Karen for your answer but seems it dont help me none,i put a ticket into LL but heard nothing back,as yet.dont think i'll hold my breath.prob snowed under. all i want is someway to get my alt up and running,just need a password reset sent to my new gmail which is on my acounts page with my reguler avie,not to much to ask surely
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    Hi All, A little while ago i created an alt so i coukld roam around sl without hasstle from friends asking me how i was and what ya doing sort of thing,but now i cant remember the password and i have a diff gmail because i lost my password to that,yeah i know crap memory but i hardly used it anyway,any ideas ?
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