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  1. Looking for Adult/Erotic clothing or items to sell via a supplied vendor under specific conditions Criteria: Cost for Vendor L$0 (I am selling your stuff not buying it..) Vendor Single item (1 Prim No Buttons) Resizeable Vendor (like some of the CasperVend and Hippovend singles) Picture on Vendor: Female only, if the outfit normally shows nipples and genitalia they must be unhidden (no pasties or "X"ed out) Commissions Minumum 40% commissions If your productions can match the above criteria, please reply here with affiliate details. OR Contact BY NOTECARD either starfire3dshopkeeper or athenastarfire in-world OR Email staff@starfire3d.com with details Cheers
  2. The Starfire 3D Studios MEGA-MALL has 100's of female items below L$100 from established designers, all in one place. It also has a sure-fire proven way to make $L in order to afford these, if you don't mind spending a little time and annoyance to get them. Check out Floor 1 of the MEGA-MALL at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hallasan/189/200/50
  3. I sure won't be wasting lin on it again. Spend over 2000 Lin for a "7 Day Advance Listing on the MP Home page" and "L$0 Listing on checkout" 2 days ago and according to people I know neither have showed up, and they when through the whole list. The money was taken out of my account quick enough, it won't be done again. Be wary of it.. Cheers
  4. Huge Ocean View Glass Walled Shop for Rent (Mainland) 52x19m 25 feet High (1040 sq m) 238 Prims Own parcel music allowed and inserted Weekly/Month Reasonable rates Negotiable (Make Offer) See it at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hallasan/189/200/50 Second Floor in the back Contact athenastarfire by in-world notecard or email staff@starfire3d.com for rates discussion ---
  5. Where do I advertise a shop for rent? (paid or unpaid) Cheers (Edit: I guess I can't reply here, so I will post this in normal forum)
  6. How do I send someone a "notecard" instead of an IM/Private Message? I'm doing a lot of looking around for stuff for my 'boss' and everyone says "My IMs are capped so send me a 'notecard'" I'm not the techie so noob explaination please :)
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