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  1. nothing to see sorry
  2. yes my name is on the Alt-R tab and what you found has answered what i wanted to know but still i been here since 2006 and never seen or heard of that option but guess it was there at a point
  3. ok here the full details i rented the sim and next day i get an im saying hi thx for renting i gave you Estate Manager rights for the sim and later today, LL will set you as Estate Owner for the sim if i open about land tab i see Estate/Full Region - Buy Down i found a thread that asked what that was and a few seem to think its related to the grandfather sim thing it may be but how im the owner yet i still pay him? and my apologies to Ethan i should have posted more info
  4. dont reply if you cant be helpful cause you seem to know nothing at all bout sims you can not do that even if you have em rights at all you must im the estate owner and not to mention your name would not be where it says who owns the estate i cant make this any more clear to you please do your research before you reply to a subject
  5. no i own the estate its self not the land my name is set as estate owner to be clear here you can not upload raw files etc when you rent only if your the owner and i have those rights
  6. i rented a sim from someone and next thing i know they said i was owner of it and it shows in my regions but how is this done without transferring the estate to me and them losing it?
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