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  1. Also the BJD Bento Heads James, Jessie and Lance, by Raven Bell are all modify! There was also a Faun Gacha by Whisk [or was it Oakie?] that had a modifiable earless BOM human head included in the package https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/101160
  2. the 1.5 update for ERIKA just dropped and apparently IT'S MODIFIABLE NOW
  3. So I did some shape tweaking. I really really enjoy the overall look and i can't wait to pick up more clothes for this body! [head and hair are from Raven Bell, i'm too attached to change!]
  4. So I finally caved and bought ERIKA. I remembered it had its own set of outfits, so with a bit of mixing and matching was able to create a pretty nice horse riding outfit! I will say that it took a bit to get used to the shape, since I'm more used to my custom Freya, which the sliders got to a nice stocky muscular without being fetish muscly. Erika... will always be pear shaped, even with torso muscles at 100. I could pad out the arms with the leather jacket which was nice, but Freya will be my go to for my medieval RP, Erika will be more for casual everyday exploring.
  5. The only thing keeping me from getting the body is the lack of mesh clothing, mostly medieval, and I already have a decent blacksmith setup for my Freya.
  6. For the longest time, I used the system body for my human, since I was too poor to get anything that wasn't a freebie or group gift. Didn't mess around with shape much, generic skinny with trex arms. Then I had better income, got hooked on ferals for years. Learned how shape sliders affected my avatar and eventually found my way back into human Avatars. I used the kuroo body by krankhaus, since it was cheap and came with a TON of clothing options out the box, and I was trying to figure out a style I liked. At the time? Short, muscles without being a Huge Jacked Man. More recently I picked up the Regalia bodies, testing each one out because I wanted something more like *myself*. I found the closest human body at the time I could get to my look with Regalia Soft was the Belleza Freya- and was impressed by the shape I settled on. Idealized version of the self- short and stocky, with subtle muscles via materials and looking like they could and would knock you flat for disrespecting their knitting. By the time my road trip is over I need to take a proper picture of them. So far it's just been my human and their horse ready for battle lol.
  7. I have had animal avatars as my go-to practically since I joined. Originally joined because of cartoon ponies, and the branched out once I realized there were more options. Also because the human and humanoid avatars all seem to be focused on who can out-sexy the other in ridiculous ways XD I tend to prefer dragons over anything else, simply because they come in all shapes and sizes. Though horses and natural wildlife were a short-lived passion, due to far too many asking if they could "keep me as a pet, I looked so cute", I stopped. I do get that occasionally with my dragon avi, but far less often than "oh no! Please don't eat me!" Anyway here's my current favorite, Whale-Eater, using the I Monster European Dragon! Picture is a bit outdated, since i didn't find proper horns when i took it a few months ago. Second fave is DraGUN, or just Gun for short, using the Wyvern body of the Euro. Mechanical dragon with a heart of actual flesh, maybe. Could go the route of "I have no mouth and I must scream", or 'dragon-shaped WOMD, flesh not included" Here are some older pictures of my dragon oc Lokiande, which oddly enough came after i made my SL account. Avatar is the Dawn Kingdoms Dragon, and yeah back then my screen was busted. this is the only reason I grabbed the Nutbusterz Chibi noodle, so i could use the Rabbit mod! No idea what this was, but I put it together from a bunch of spare parts and thought it was cute Made a goat out of... something. here's a Bat..person? I think this was from Bentbox? Mesh seal avatar from grendel's children, featuring once again, my old cracked monitor XD Here's my attempt at turning another Grendel's Children avatar, the Avarian Big Cat, into some kind of dragon This little monstrosity was from when I was hooked on the worst fandom: Gor. And because I found the animals far more interesting than the people, kaiila especially, i tried my hand at turning another Grendel's Children avatar [avarian deer] into something it was not meant to be. Big Cat paws and fangs, retextured MLP flexi mane and tail, avarian owl eyes. Still stupidly proud of this mod lol Another mod I'm proud of, making a feral rabbit out of the freebie Grendel's Dragonlet and the Kani bunny
  8. Para RPers who go on and on about their looks and behavior with run on sentences. Also RPers who make it a point to say how strong/smart/powerful they are, and the ones who metagame/godmod. Also people who refuse to listen when something important is brought up about other users because "I don't want to get involved in drama" or "this doesn't affect me directly, so why should I care?". Or my all time personal favorite "you're lying to get something out of this, X wouldn't do that!" No, trust me I have nothing to gain, or lose. Drama is petty arguments and insults. Pointing out that someone popular is skirting the law/TOS and doing legitimately horrible ***** *is not drama*.
  9. I was really big into RP a few months into SL. Joined a few fantasy sims and had a years long ongoing story as a dragon! Eventually left, did some one on one RP with a friend to continue it before we parted ways, made a gorean character or two and tried to enjoy that. Realized after awhile that their fandom was always going to be creepy and gross so I left them. Did a stint as a kobold for a few months, and it was the most fun I'd had RPing in years but I was losing interest so I backed out. Wish I'd saved the notecards for those ;-; the stories were super unique and inventive! Did some RP as a dragon and while that was fun I realized I preferred casual rules built on stable, sensible lore instead of whatever the hell I was dealing with so I yeeted myself out and now I don't RP in SL anymore.
  10. Maybe it was Siden Zombie Apocalypse? I think that sim might be gone now, though.
  11. The story behind my avatar name is a bit odd? I used it for a biology paper when I was in school, we were told to write a fiction based on what we had learned, and one of my character's names was Lokiande. I thought it was a neat name, so I used to again when I made my SL account. Folks tend to call me Loki for short.
  12. Here's my most recent pic of my avatar. A sea monster mod that I'm constantly updating when something new to add catches me eye.
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